Beta 2.10.3 IOS crashing

I am still having issues with the beta app. I’m not able to view events. The app crashes on me when I open it. I have tried suggestions of logging out, rebooting phone logging back in and the problem continues. When I can get into the app it shows all the cams are offline or turned off but I am viewing on my other phone which is live and working fine. I’m sending crash reports every 5 minutes. The phone I’m using for the beta app is iphone 6S with IOS 13.3.1 I have 5 gigs of space left and the app is cleared of cache. The beta app version I"m using is: 2.10.3.

I posted in the Facebook Beta group but thought I’d post here as well. The phone that the app is working is the one I am not using to test and that is Samsung Galaxy A20 (Android). I have no idea how to tell which version of Android as I’m mostly and IOS user. The app version for that is 2.9.30. The firmware on my cams are Wifi signal is 100%

Is there anything I can do instead of sending crash reports every 5 minutes? Thank you.

Oh and I have completely restarted all the cams by unplugging and plugging back in.

Should I forgo beta testing because the phone is old? Thanks.


it sounds like the phone being older it does not have the ability to keep up with the processing needs of the app. for now it might be better to not test with that phone. it is 6 years old so in this day and age that behavior isn’t terribly surprising.

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Should I maybe switch to the Android phone then? It is a Samsung Galaxy A20. I know it’s a cheap phone in comparison to others but it does work.

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that would probably be your best bet.


Ok it added me already but I just had to install and that’s crashing as well. What is going on here? And how do I remove myself as tester on the IOS but keep the Android beta tester status? Sorry I’ so dense on this

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in the app under I believe advanced settings, can you turn on the hardware decoder? can you get that far before a crash?

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Yes. I enabled it.

Also is there a way to stop the testing on the IOS without removing me from the Android testing?

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that one I do not know. maybe @Loki would know more about that particular question.

For beta app testing, just download the public Wyze app on from the iOS app store and delete the beta version if it remains on your phone. You will be running the public release app on iOS and it will not affect what you do on Android.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


I have been having the same problem
iPad mini

Sometimes all I have to do is load the WCO beta and it crashes,
other times it is when I go to bring up the camera view

Model MD537LL/A
Version 9.3.6 (13G37)
Capacity: 12.6gb, available 5.4 gb
AT&T 24.0

I’m having so many issues with 2.10.3 that I’m thinking of going back to the production app. It’s not connecting to my cameras at all. Or it’s got the wrong time like an hour previous. But one guy just posted a picture of TestFlight in his with 2.10.5. So how did he get to that?

Just went to my copy of TestFlight and 2.10.5 was there. Upgraded without problem and in first half- hour no problems with crashes (yet)

I still don’t have it. Someone said it’s for the alpha program. How do I get into that?

Does it look the same and just under the hood fixes? Or any redesign to the app which it sorely needs.

2.10.5 on iOS was crashing for me, so I deleted it and reinstalled from Test Flight and it seems fine now.

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Test flight still shows 10.2.3 as most current for me and it crashes all the time and my cameras never connect. I went back to public app. How do I get test flight to update to 10.2.5?


You can’t. 2.10.5 is an alpha. I only mentioned it because the same procedure (delete and reinstall from Test Flight) might fix 2.10.3 also.

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Well the more I thought about it I don’t want to Alpha test the app anyway. Beta testing has so many problems that I can’t imagine a Alpha app.