Journal of madness - my FRUSTRATINGLY HARD time trying to use wyze cam plus service

Since after a year of service with wyze, nothing has gotten better and maybe even worse, I’ve decided to start this thread to chronicle the continuous source of frustration that i call WYZE.

I’ve invested too much money on their products and false promises.
I have lost track of how many times I’ve called wyze and had to t shoot my cams in the first year but i know with the amount of labor I’ve wasted on t shooting their product, i should be getting paid by wyze!

This new cycle with cam plus and the app continually breaking, brought me to create this thread.

So maybe i can show others just how completely UNRELIABLE cam plus and wyze app is. If you have been sleeping well at night thinking WYZE has you covered. YOU ARE FOOLING YOURSELF… try testing your service regularly and it won’t be very long until that cam that work PERFECT last week, suddenly stops picking up smart ai… or worse, it picks up and detects the motion BUT DOESN’T RECORD THE EVENT!

I’ve literally watched it happen in real time because i am able to spend too much time with this and see just how UNRELIABLE wyze is.
And it is not even the same problem all the time. It will be one problem one day , a different problem another day and you never know when your cam really isn’t working correctly and this is a service that you pay a monthly rate on, or in my case year on.

Two days ago, my front walkway cam suddenly will not detect smart ai… called wyze, did the typical run thru you do everytime. Wasted at least 45 min and got it working again but only for a day.

Then next day the detection zone now ignores the blacked out areas and triggers anyway. I went thru all the steps from before and it seems to still be working as of today.

HOWEVER today my driveway cam suddenly has started to do the same thing with not detecting smart AI. And also when it does pick up smart ai it is detecting it wrong. Most of the time saying a package when there is nothing. It a person when there is nothing. And this is SMART AI… and I’m paying for this service!
Just now though it picked up my wife correctly. So it’s back to working again. So it went from working perfect to not working at all to back to working all within about an hour or so and i did nothing to try to fix anything
I was planning to call on this one but it awfully hard to fix a problem when even the problem is not consistently broken.
Forgot to add one additional detail. I’ve noticed that despite being at 100 sensitivity and when working correctly, it will not pickup the motions until the event that caused the trigger is leaving the frame. It does it with pets, people, cars… and please dont say it’s my phone because i have s20 ultra 512gb 16g ram… so that is not the problem.
It’s just another fine example of the lack of reliability in wyze and how it constantly has issues.

I also have their floodlight and the PIR in that is also NEVER consistent. I’ve tried to dial it in and as soon as i think i have, something that is outside the PIR will trigger the light WHEN IT SHOULDN’T HAVE… and didn’t an hour earlier. But I’ll monitor the feed and watch it not click on the light when a person walks by and then not trigger when a car drives by, but then out of the blue surddenly it will trigger, then back to not triggering again and the sensitivity and size detecting settings seem to make NO DIFFERENCE.

Edit to add additional problems i remembered after posting

Just now i had 2 smart ai recorded events.
One for a package… no package. Nothing in recording at all.
Right after that … person and package but it was car and my setting are to ignore vehicles

Smart AI my behind…lol

Also turned down floodlight pir sensitivity because tonight it is even more touchy than when i set it up and tested it a day ago.

Now almost every car that goes by triggers light tonight but didn’t last night…ugh!

Ok remember how i said i turned down PIR well even though i DO NOT have the box checked to detect motion by cam and ONLY by PIR …i just watched it trigger light by motion event and then record for package AND THERE IS NOTHING THERE

This is only a single night out of many dealing with wyze.
This company is so horrible!
I’ll be calling tomorrow to raise my concerns AGAIN

I have had a frustrating experience of my own with getting support on the promo wyze mailed to me about $99 unlimited plan for annual cam plus with unlimited number of cameras/year. I immediately went to my pc and logged into and made the purchase - nothing changed - didn’t see the enrollment appear in my iPhone app services. Gave it a couple of days and tried to chat with support but was confronted by a stupid AI integrated loop of no answers and the next day I got an email that I was refunded for this $99. Don’t have a phone number to call and talk to a human or even chat with one !! What is going on wyze ?! You used to have great support and that’s the main reason I continue to buy your products - i have 2 vacuums , 20+ cameras, lamps, power outlets, etc…. I have been buying and bragging about your products for years and now I’m wondering what is happening within your organization that such poor service choices are bing implemented - if I don’t get the plan that YOU OFFERED ME - then I will no longer support your company and tell all my forensic and neighbors to look elsewhere for products. Hope someone at eyze actually reads this thread (vs an ignorant AI bot) and resolves this issue and gives me a response via email asap.

[Mod Note]: Personal information has been manually removed for privacy and security reasons. Please call Wyze Customer Support at (206) 339-9646 between 6:00 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.

You can still call them at (206) 339-9646

They also let you chat with them during business hours of 6:00 am - 6 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am - 4pm PT Saturday and Sunday.

I personally prefer to deal with support by email. It is so much more convenient and I get to do it all when it is convenient for me instead of scheduling time to sit and go through things. I just did that this weekend. I sent an email about a question, They responded, I emailed them back exactly what needed to be fixed, and they fixed it and sent a confirmation. It was so easy and perfect for the way I wanted it handled.

I know others prefer phone or chat, so those are still options during the hours listed above.

This forum is mostly for user-to-user discussion. There are some employees who occasionally peruse parts of the forum, but it isn’t necessarily something you should count on for a specific support issue like this, and it’s possible your email address will be removed from your post since it is considered personal information that could be collected by spiders or others for non-Wyze purposes.

My recommendation is to either try to order again now that they have refunded your previous attempt, or to try to use that phone number or try to use the chat sometime during regular business hours. If interacting with a support member doesn’t resolve your issue this time, please post the support ticket number and explain in detail what went wrong or what wasn’t resolved and we’ll see if anything can be done in that case. Let us know. :+1:

How did you pay, or what service did you use to pay for the subscription? Did you use the same email you use as your Wyze account during the purchase? It is good to see you that support did respond to your initial issue and issue a refund. I personally have had good response using the phone call into support during their business hours. Hopefully you can reach them and they can help you get this figured out and get it working on your account if that’s what you still wish to do.

Also, knowing that @carverofchoice explained earlier that this is mainly a user to user forum, did you mean to post your email address for the public to see? Your email address is already included in your support ticket, and this is evident by your statement that you were emailed about the refund that was issued to you.

Either you or a moderator could edit your about post and remove your email If you don’t want it still posted in the public space.

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