More AI Software Issues Today

So, today had a difficult time connecting to my camera’s and when I did and tried to correctly label the recordings that were wrong, it would uncheck whatever I checked. What the heck Wyze?!

Sing out of app then back in

I did that and rebooted the camera before even making my post about it. Didn’t help. But now all of a sudden it’s working fine.

Interesting, something on your end since it was only y

Or…it is something with my V3 camera software. I also have an issue where when trying to view the video it hangs and I have to go back to the home page and then back to the video to get it to load. This happens daily numerous times. I have 100Mbps internet with blazing fast home WiFi, so it’s these issues are not on my end.

It sure sounds like a internet wifi issue,when you run a speed test what do you get and what is your latency? Tested at the camera location,have you did a hard reboot on camera and phone? Have you signed out of the app then back in

It’s not my internet or wifi. I have 100 Mbps service, a speedtest shows 94Mbps download and 39Mbps upload, the ping is 9ms, jitter is 4.8ms and loss is 0%.

And yes I’ve reboot the camera (many times) and my phone and signed out of the app and back in. These are always the first things I do. As I said the issues are not on my side. I have ZERO hang up using my internet for anything else. And yes, I’ve down tickets about it in the past but the Wyze customer reps know less than I do and just want me to do the same troubleshooting that I’ve already done over and over.

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Do you have another device you can use,?

I have 13 cameras (V3’s, V2’s and a Pan), it’s the same issues with all of them.

Copy we still have no issues on our end

Wish I knew whether to trust you with all your hijinks.

Hijinks? But I don’t care if you trust me or not, all I know is that I’m having issues with the software for my cameras.

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