I've about hand it with all the different methods of viewing recordings

I have several cameras around my home and I planned to add more but now I am considering going to a different brand if Wyze doesn’t fix this issue.

I am tired of all of the different methods of viewing recordings. One camera has one method another has another method, and then the doorbell camera has yet another. Why can’t Wyze make the method of viewing recordings the same for all cameras? I’ve never seen cameras with this many different formats. Please Wyze fix this or else you are going to lose a long-time customer.


I think they should standardize the UI too.

Which format do you think is the best?


KISS format. :kiss:

Keep It Super Simple.

If people want complexities, add secret menus like Samsung does with their phones.


I do think some cameras require slight differences though.
An obvious example is the Pan cameras needing pan/tilt controls.
Floodlight cameras may need some buttons that non-floods don’t.
Doorbell cameras may need quick responses when other cams don’t.

But I think 95% of the UI could match for all the cameras.

Differences could be hidden in a special menu/tab dedicated to the differences/advanced options.

It would just make them look a little more professional.



Like cams with PIP.

I don’t see why they couldn’t give EVERY camera PIP. Just standardize that too. :slight_smile:

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Wyze people are fans of software Easter eggs. Keeps its user base interested at all times. Buttons that pop up if you happen to press the right spot, etc, etc.

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That usually what happens if the software design/ team turnover is high; no continuity.