It’s on…damn the ASPCA

My aim is improving and my squirrel population has decreased significantly.

Started my car last week and had a strong odor of raw fuel.

A squirrel chewed through the plastic fuel line under the hood in 2 places.

Tree rat got a mouthful of raw fuel pressurized to about 90psi. Serves it right.

Comprehensive insurance covered repairs and the 25 mile tow to my old shop. :+1:

This is not uncommon. We repaired rodent infestations quite often. Had a squirrel chew through the wiring for the fuel injectors on a different car about 20 years ago.


Yikes, doubt that squirrel will be coming back anytime soon :rofl:

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If you sensed one was suicidal - running straight into fire screaming and sobbing - would you still kill it or give it a stiff drink and get it some counseling?

Tree rat, that’s pejorative! :wink:

It’s also perjorative. :sunglasses::grinning:

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That’s your prerogative. :grinning:

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Are you positive?

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Being perceptive about this promotive use of P words was persuasive in making me positive that I should be placative in writing this perfective to be provocative and promotive.



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Peroration: $5 in :heart: Heartcoin if you’ve ever said it, written it or done it. :wink:

Actually, make it $10 :heart: :heart: if you’ve ever said it or written it. Pretty sure you’ve done it. :grin:

But of course…peroration is basically just the last part of a speech, usually used to inspire, often reiterating the the main points of the discourse…usually verbal (more effective), but can be used for written discourses too. Heck, I’ve probably done it in here a couple of times…Customer will vouch that I write big discourses all the time. :rofl: But yes, I do give ACTUAL speeches (public speaking) to groups as large as several hundred people sometimes for as long as an hour (though usually less)…and peroration is basically a requirement if you want such discourses to large groups to be effective. :wink:

But I will settle for a single heart which you already gave me for my fun sentence above. :slight_smile:


For me, it was one of those words stuck in my head from the odd and awkward sound of it, had to guess at the spelling to look it up. Interesting that it was kind of up your alley. :slight_smile:

A manly reading:

Lolz… Working in IT, we had a facility connected to our HQ via outdoor wireless bridge some years ago. Daggum squirrels chewed thru hardened exterior coax cable. We had to rent a Sunbelt cherry picker to re-run cable since it was about 4 floors up near the top of a building.

All of this reminds me of the feature in Wyze’s app for uploading user video submissions. Where did that go and is there some place in the forums that took over that role? I was visiting parents last week and a bobcat showed up wreaking all kinds of havoc. Got some great captures from one of their cam pan v2s.

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Color me shocked. Run through. Perforated.

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Wyze Cam helped me figure out Groundhogs were ripping the insulation off the hoods of my car and truck. In the truck, they also chewed the foam off one hose (might be AC line).

I put a cam in the shed and recorded a groundhog chewing the fuel line on my mower.

it’s taken me a while but those squirrels are nice enough to walk up right under my windows to eat from my flower garden. 8-10 down, 4-5 to go. I feel bad… just not that bad.

Realizing a squirrel is only a rat with a furry tail lessened my sympathy towards them :slight_smile:

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watching my many dozens of sunflowers, now about 2-5ft tall that will reach 8-10 if…) suddenly start to shake like there’s an earth quake, then topple like a tree in the forest brought down any sympathy to a very quiet, “awwwwwwwwww”.

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One of the trick you can use for protecting some of the more sensitive cables from rodent is to cover them with peppermint oil. The strong smell will push rodents away.
I had the issue in Seattle with squirrels and after 3 repairs, that’s what the garage told me to do. Never had to fix cables ever again.