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For future reference, when you start searching something, you can select “in this topic” underneath where you are typing and it will search just within the thread you are in. :+1:

Your question was fine though. :slight_smile: As Jason said, I think the Discourse devs would have to make the voting work that way though. I’ve posted some requests in their forum before:


This was brought up with Discourse last year. There are two reasons why it is not done:

  1. Voting can be enabled for any kind of topic, not just “wishes”. Some Discourse sites use voting for things that the OP may want to see votes for, but not necessarily vote for themselves. Rare situation, I know, but possible.
  2. Discourse sites can set a quota on the number of votes a user has available to “spend”. (We don’t limit the number of votes on the Wyze forum.) If a user had used up all of their votes, they would not be able to submit a topic.

Will this work?

Or could a ‘Service Advisory’ tag be introduced?

I assume RSS on the Service Status & Known Issues page is a non-starter for some reason.


I don’t think Wyze is going to implement an RSS on the service advisory page. But I like the idea of a service-advisory tag so you can watch that without having to get notified of other “important” stuff. I’ll see if we can do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

EDIT: The tag “service-advisory” has been created and applied to the most recent such topic. It will be applied to such topics going forward.


A post was merged into an existing topic: Customizable notifications (Incl: Android Notification Channels)

When the Captured on Wyze category was removed I think it was suggested people post instead in the Cameras category with the video tag:

But I don’t think most people know this or use the category/tag combo consistently.

I propose that mods create a Captured on Wyze topic that includes the link above and pin it somewhere prominent (maybe at the top of the Cameras and Watercooler categories at least?)

Once at the Cameras/video list of existing Topics, clicking NEW TOPIC automatically fills in the correct category/tag.

And bookmarking it in one’s browser provides quick access. :slight_smile:


I was wondering what happened to that category. For a bit I thought it was a Mandela effect. :joy:


Hey there peep, long time. In reply to your post, lots of things, some good some bad and some probably terrible that I’ve seen posted and suggested and then seemingly ignored while others seem to float to the top of the pot

it’s the lack of consistency that seems to irritate people the most. “The old saying two steps forward one step back” seems to come in to play as Murphy enters the room.

It seems to me that they’re making progress but they’re having to fight for it every inch of the way peoples patience isn’t what it should be.

I’ve managed to limit my posts partly because of the responses but mostly because it’s like spitting into the wind, arm wrestling superman, or sword fighting Zorro…

Either way peep it’s good to hear from you good to see they haven’t beat you down yet


I’d like Wyze to reconsider the advantages of a Captured on Wyze category.


I like this idea!

Here’s your new topic:


Interesting! I hadn’t heard about that phenomenon (though confabulation is one of my favorite words… :slight_smile: )

So, it’s inevitable, y’think? DAm. :wink: Good to see ya!

Hey cool, thanks! :+1:

Yeah sure!

I suggest we create a world_peace tag, because honestly folks this is getting scary.


Can you capture world peace on a Wyze cam?


C’mon, folks, give it a chance…



I will second that , I was candid about that when the category was eliminated .
Category should not have been eliminated, wyze should strongly reconsider reinstating the category


There were definitely a lot more videos posted when it was named that way. The new tag “Video” accomplishes the same purpose, only the new way is better in some way since it is more inclusive (people can use “Video” to post something about any other product or automation or anything, whether it was captured on a Wyze cam or is a Wyze device they record on their phone, etc), so in that sense the video tag is better; but for some reason people do not post as many videos as they used to despite having a tag for it. I believe that if videos had their own category again, we’d get a lot more posts like we used to because it would make people more likely to think about capturing videos.

It should work the same with the new video tag, but psychologically it seems to work a little differently when it is a category instead of a tag.

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The way it is now is simply not intuitive


Agree, not ideal, and restore category if possible, but…

You could seed the current method by dropping a comment with a link

into existing popular (and new) ‘captured video’ topics? :slight_smile:

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Seems like that’s just a work around :slightly_smiling_face:



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I suspect guidelines are being broken due to huge frustration with Wyze. Can I suggest we set up a User Group that pulls the top 3 user requirements each quarter, passes it to the Wyze User Group interface who reviews and passes to Development?

At least some of our burning needs might get addressed, but more importantly it could act as a 2 way communication channel, so we here back on your issues - so we hear about your workload and priorities (without giving anything away about proprietary stuff).

A lot of long time users feel we never get any useful input or feedback. The Mavens seem not to have any information either.

Finally, if nothing else, can you make sure the top 3 user requirements make it to the list and get scheduled? Can we get updates on WebView? Will it ever get out of Beta, are any of the massive user complaints going to get addressed?

This is basic customer service and civility. Hire an intern.

Les Short

Just FYI… This forum is primarily a user-to-user community. Forum Moderators and Forum Mavens are not Wyze employees. We are fellow Wyze users who volunteer our time to answer questions and help keep this forum running smoothly. Wyze employees are identified via “Wyze Team” or “Wyze Employee” following their forum user name.

I moved your post to the appropriate forum area where questions or suggestions about the operation of the forum gain better visibility to Wyze.