It’s on…damn the ASPCA

Oh and we call squirrels rats with a good PR in my area… :smiley:


In lieu of that, a thin coating of Vick’s VapoRub on the air cleaner box (or anything that doesn’t get hot) will keep them away for a few months.
You won’t notice the odor after a few days but the critters will smell it for far longer.

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Don’t hurt me!


All baby animals are cute. Heck, even you were probably cute when you were a :baby:

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Tadpoles ain’t that cute. :wink:

(And neither are rodents.)

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Squirrels have to constantly chew to survive. If they didn’t, their incisors would grow to the point where they couldn’t eat at all. I feel ya though; been calling them tree rats for years. I, too, have had the wiring harness in my Jeep chewed through. It sucks big time. I killed one once, and tossed it in the garbage bin. I never stopped to think it would be several days before trash pickup - what a stench !. I now run a squirrel relocation program. Some 40+ squirrels that used to live in & around my backyard now live in the wooded area around my local Walmart - plenty of good foraging. I gotta tell ya, a catch & release trap, besides being more humane, is a whole less smelly, and doesn’t tick off those who hesitate to stomp a spider. Squirrels are exceedingly dumb; I’ve caught a few with no bait. Speaking of rats, did you know a common Norway rat can chew through concrete ! ?. They have the same incisor thing going on.
Word must have gotten around the local squirrel community - hardly ever see one now. I’ll tell ya the critter that really gets a bum rap, the opossum - never caused an ounce of damage to a homeowner. They just have a prehistoric face only a mother could love.

Peace !

Dumb? I dunno, they seem crazy resourceful to me, tireless persistent problem solvers, seen those viral obstacle course vids, wow, a country full of squirrel people would have a GDP off the charts! :wink:

It would be fun to put some automotive wiring in the humane trap and see what ya catch… :grin:

Peace also!

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You got me there. I just watched one of the viral videos for the 1st time. It reminded me of a video I saw years ago featuring a guy who actually had a live-in pet squirrel (I know, disgusting). The video, as I recall, was titled “Attack Squirrel”. The squirrel actually attacked, and got rid of an intruder. If problem-solving isn’t directly linked to intelligence, I don’t know what is. That was enlightening, to say the least !.

Thanks for The Insight !,

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At the end of the obstacle course you need a miniature Tony Montana “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND”

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  • The squirrel lives
  • The squirrel dies

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