Is Wyze all about CONTROL but not so much AUTOMATION?

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Wyze software. They seem focused on building a Home Control company, but not at all a Home Automation company. I am very close to bailing and I doubt that I am the only one.

It comes down to the software. The extent of the rules built into the app is below minimal. You can’t even toggle a plug, the only conditionals are time of day, no state variables. Why in the world are multi-tap switch actions specified in the switch settings and not in the rules section?? What a hot mess! Ok, I get it, you’re just a hardware reseller. But then allow others to do the integration. It seems like you have to drag Wyze kicking and screaming into any third party integration. Bare minimum with Alexa, just to be able to make a marketing claim. Alexa isn’t even able to trigger on a switch action. Same thing with IFTTT. Bare minimum. Why is there a triple tap trigger but no double tap? Home Assistant, Smart Things, always the same story.

C’mon Wyze, straighten up! Plenty of companies are able to play well with others without hurting their revenue stream or invest-ability, I’m paying $100/year for cam plus, but I would rather pay that same money for full third party integration. Focus on your strengths and the revenue streams will come. Closing yourself off smells of insecurity and desperation.

Yeah, I know. I should be more polite. But that’s what happens after spending another afternoon not accomplishing what should have been easy.


Hey Bob

If you have the time and inclination, could you make a sample Rule, screenshot each step and paste 'em here to expose what the software’s lacking?

I thought the app had the capacity to do this:

Cheers, -peep

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So is it the plug you are having issues with or the switch? From the sound of it it looks like the switch triggers is where you’re having issues with. Any @Mavens use rules and the switch and able to shed some light on this? Are the multi touches working as rule triggers?

Procrastination has gotten the best of me and my new in box switch from HD is on my desk ready to be installed. :slight_smile:. Sorry can’t help here, maybe the team can help.


Sorry can’t help here, I planned on it but I didn’t pick up a switch yet


So, in my previous forum post here (Wyze Switch - Dbl-Triple Tap functions work ... and then they don't?), I detailed that the switches have a bug that once you create a double/triple/long press routine… when you edit the rules, it breaks them…not all the time, but most of the time.

So you have to erase all the rules out (blank)… save it … and do it all again. Then the switches work. Just had to do it again tonight because my wife wanted me to edit one thing… which broke the routines.

It sounds like they are talking about the “Schedules” for the switch, inside the switch settings itself? Which are simply time of day to turn the switch on or off. I personally don’t use that but he is right they are limited.

You can just as easily set a schedule in the Rule Section of the Wyze App to be a time of day/location/trigger to do this same thing. Maybe they are confused on how to do it?

BTW, I love the switches. I use 2 presses for Max Light, 3 presses for Groovy light… Long press for Off. Each switch is assigned to a room. I have Wyze lights or plugs in every major room of my house so they fit in quite well… other than the annoying bug.


Here’s another bug…

They don’t recover after loss of WiFi. I have to flip the breaker on my electrical box and then they will find the signal. Seems that it times out on how many times it tries to connect and then just spins.

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More specifically, I think they might recover if WiFi comes back quickly but I had an issue with mine being down for 20 minutes and once it was restored, they didn’t reconnect. I assume they try for 5-10 minutes and then run out of tries.