Q: Wyze Switch & IFTTT

Can a Wyze Switch act as an IFTTT trigger? I have a ton of Kasa switches in two houses, and despite TP-Link claiming they were going to support IFTTT triggering, they never have. If Wyze does, I can start my migration. TIA

Also waiting on this. If I can use the double press, triple press, or long press as unique triggers for iftt (and matter in the future!) then it’s opens up a world of options.

Is there an update on this? IFTTT has the option to make a double click a trigger, but it doesn’t seem to work.

FWIW, I just set up an applet in IFTTT to test this out. If Wyze Switch is double pressed, then send a notification from the IFTTT app. Works like a charm. You should be able to trigger whatever IFTTT supports. IFTTT detected my Wyze Switch double press. There were options for triple press and press and hold as well under the “if this” options.

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Do you have “additional controls” switched on in the switch settings in the wyze app?

works for me, too

I have additional controls switched on, but I don’t have anything to link the actions to within the Wyze app. Is that necessary?

I don’t know what specifically needs to be set up for IFTTT to recognize the action. I will say that my double press (that IFTTT recognizes) is actually set up to perform an action inside of the Wyze app itself. So maybe setting up an action inside Wyze is necessary first.

You said that you don’t have anything to link an action to within Wyze. Meaning you don’t have any Wyze products, outside of the switch? You could possibly just “unmute notifications” or some other arbitrary action.

I just got it to work! The delay was over a minute, though…

Yeah I personally gave up using IFTTT as a bridge for home automation. It would always have too much of a delay for me. The only missing link for me to have it all run locally was the wyze light switch and it’s so much more responsive now (before I was triggering a wemo dimmer from wyze triggers through IFTTT).

I don’t have the Wyze hub. I have Alexa, Google, SmartThings, and IFTTT. The routine I am trying to trigger is in Alexa. Is there a good way to directly link the switch to Alexa?

I don’t have/use Alexa but in the Wyze app, under Account, there is a Smart Integrations category that let’s you hook it up to Alexa. I’m not sure what it supports, though, just that it’s there.

Unfortunately that allows Alexa to see the switch as something to control, not as a trigger.