Is there a way on the forum to follow other users or should I add this to the Wishlist?

Am I missing an option somewhere?

Bookmark not a specific post but the user?

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You should put this on the forum feedback thread:


You can create a link to do that. Click on the user’s icon (your ‘M’ for instance), then click on the larger version that appears. That will take you to information about that user. Then just select the “Activity” tab, and bookmark the resulting link.


I have answers for you.

I proposed this exact same thing in the Forum Feedback Thread that @towelkingdom rightfully suggested:

I also brought it up again here: Forum Redesign - 8/12/21, and got some great responses and information on it in that thread. I’ll quote the most relevant sections below for you:

Okay, that last one wasn’t really necessary to quote, but I still believe it and wanted to shout out to our great mods again. I said this before I was a Maven, and I didn’t know they are even so much better than I even realized back then! Thanks for all you do Mods.

I am hoping this will be an option in the future because as can be seen, I too have really wanted this feature for a long time, so I am highly supportive of this idea!

Apparently, the best course of action going forward is the following:

  1. Implement the idea @Newshound suggested above (this one actually works now, and I use it all the time. For example, to track Wyze employee comments , I go here: Link to all comments made by Wyze Team Employees in chronological order of most recent up top and it shows me all activity from all Wyze Employees. :slight_smile: That way I don’t miss anything said by employees.
  2. Bug Discourse devs in their main forums to add support for this. Add a wishlist to Discourse and rally support for them to support it, and then Wyze would probably implement it if there are safeguards from harassment issues.

That’s basically where we’re at.