Forum Redesign - 8/12/21

Yeah, what I did with the old system and still do which is helpful and which you might still like to do anyway, is you can go to your profile prefences then under notifications there is a section called “Tags” and under the sections there called “Watched, Tracked, Watching First Post, or Muted” you can enter tags specific to what you want to get alerts from or to ignore. So under Watching First Post, you could enter all the camera tags like Wyze Cam v3, and video, and then you’ll always be alerted when there is a new thread started for those topics. Then under muted, just list all the other devices you don’t have or don’t care about and you won’t get alerts for things related to those products anymore. It will make your experience tailored closer to what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Example of mine:

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I moved it! Thank you. :slight_smile:


Here’s to hoping the AI area will be able to recognize that I’m a real person commenting and not a ghost.

This is great. Now if they would separate the wyze app and get all that bloatware out of there. I don’t understand why companies always gotta cram a bunch of needless shh in the apps. All I need the app to do is control my damn devices. I don’t need a ton of extra shh trying to load when all I wanna do is flip a switch. SMH. ANNOYING.

What specific things in the app are you considering to be bloatware? I usually think of bloatware to be things like unwanted 3rd party apps that forcibly install, or possibly 3rd party advertising. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any part of the Wyze app I don’t use, except the shopping section/tab (though I do browse there sometimes), and I only avoid ordering out of the shopping section/tab out of respect to Wyze because if I order there (through the app), Google/Apple steal 30% of the costs from them (and Wyze already operates on margins WAY lower than that), so I use a browser instead to order anything, otherwise I’d use that tab more too, as do many others. I can’t blame Wyze for having a shopping section in the app, and I doubt it takes up a ton of space or processing/RAM/space compared to anything else in there. But I’m guessing you must be referring to either that or the notifications? Though the notifications or updates about new products can be disabled so it shouldn’t affect those who don’t want them I would think. Just go to Account - Notifications and deselect almost everything in there. I like the notifications, so I have them all turned on so I know when there is something new launching.

Still, I don’t disagree with the overall point here in general. One thing that should help for Android users is when all the Developers switch over from using APKs to Google’s new system that will only download and install parts of the app you will actually use instead of the entire thing. I think this should help significantly with such issues if app developers respect the intent of it. It will save space and memory and processing resources to be used only for the parts of the app you actually use instead of having to download the parts of the other people use, but not you specifically. I am fairly supportive of this Google Play idea…though I personally like having EVERYTHING in most cases. :slight_smile:


Alright, so we looked into this following tool further. Turns out that since it isn’t officially supported, it would take many thousands of dollars to get it to a point where Discourse would feel comfy hosting it and then there would be a couple hundred dollar maintenance fee every month after to keep it going. They are now aware of our interest so if it ever becomes more standard, we can check it out then. But that isn’t a direction that we’re going to pursue at this time.

That said, we still appreciate you bringing this up and having this conversation with us. :slight_smile:


Totally understandable that it is not worth all that for a simple convenience. I am still very impressed and grateful you went through all that effort to look into it though. As I said, I feel no entitlement for anything, including with this. It was awesome to hear a follow up on this though. Thank you so much for checking into this. Maybe I’ll wait a few months and add in a totally separate personal request directly to to Discourse forums asking they consider supporting something like following certain profiles. :slight_smile:

What would be awesome is if Discourse built in a personal setting where each individual could select whether or not they wanted to allow others to be able to “follow” them. Then if someone is being harrassed, they can just deselect the follow option for a while on their own, while some employees could allow it for our convenience. I might throw in my 2 cents to discourse about considering such a thing which would resolve a lot of the hesitation if people have the option to allow it or not on their own (maybe default to disabled but allow it to be turned on).

Anyway, thanks again for looking into it. I am not hurt by the outcome at all, but it has given me some good ideas to bring up as suggestions to them on a personal level.


Oooh! Yeah, you should totally say that! It would fix the concern I had about easier cyber-stalking. :slight_smile:

And I can’t take credit for putting all the work in. I delegated to @Loki and he was kind enough to report back. He’s the hero in this story (and many others)! :grin:


Our mods here are the best. They keep this place a good environment with good balance, still allowing people freedom to voice concerns and complaints (respectfully), while not letting things get so out of hand that I just want to leave (as happens in other places. Keep it up mods, and thanks Loki (and others) for looking into other options to continue improving things for the community and such here. It’s appreciated.


@Canvas provided a great way to get to the main forum.

In addition, if you go to the top of the topic you are in and click on the actual Wyze Name:

you should be directed to the main Forum Page as well

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I would just like to say that in my opinion changing the forum categories was a mistake. I loved seeing people post captures from their cameras, now these post are all grouped together with posts about camera issues.

[Mod Edit]: Your Post was merged for reasons of search clarity.

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I agree. Even though I am not a particular fan of seeing them, having a dedicated place for customer videos always seemed like one of the few things that DID merit its own forum.

After all, soliciting customer videos of Wyze cameras was part of all the original Wyze advertising.


I also agree. I’m not a big fan of it but , I voiced my opinion about this , that captured on wyze , should be a separate category not videos all scattered in some other section.
After all the reason for the redesign is so that people can find things easier
They say it wasn’t used that much by that many people , but I don’t know what the big deal is to make another section for it, why not ? :neutral_face:


That doesn’t work on the website, it doesn’t take you to the main forum page, it takes you to the main wyze page.
EDIT doesn’t work on phone either

Interesting. What I see is the following:

At the top of he forum topic, if you click on the WYZE header

you will be directed to this location

I am using my Chrome Web Browser on a Chromebook. Is this where you are verifying this? Curious now what you are tapping or clicking on. I would like to correct my post to reflect what is correct.

I also just clicked on Visit Topic in the email which contained your message, scrolled until I saw the WYZE header and tapped on it and ended up at the main Forum Page.

I don’t know what the deal is I’m using a Samsung laptop with Windows 10 in the Chrome browser, that’s strange I don’t know why it would be different for me or you, when I click on that WYZE header it takes me here

does not take me here
but if I click on the word forum it does

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That is interesting. I will check on other laptops tomorrow. I have a Mac and a W10 setups here. Since there is a difference and clicking on the house image seems to take it there, I would be glad to remove my post. But would like to figure out what the difference is.

Since it is a website, it should take you to the same location.

This is a tad bit confusing.

I will post an update tomorrow on this, but thanks for the clarification on what you were seeing and what you were using.

BTW: I also tested on my Pixel 5 phone with the same results. So maybe it has something to do with Android based products.

I am not worried about you removing your post , I just clicked on it to see if it worked ( tested it several times ) and it doesn’t for me , so I’m wondering why :smiley:

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I am curious as well.

Will see if it is different on a Mac and a PC tomorrow.

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@HDRock , I tested on other browser and different computers. All of them set the link to so not sure what the difference is.

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