"Follow" Wyze Employees' profile/comments like how we set a thread to "Watching" or Tracking to get notifications for new activity?

I love that we can set alerts to follow a category or individual thread by selecting Watching, Tracking, Normal, or Muted.

@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeTeam
I would like to be able to follow or get “Watching” notifications for an individual’s profile (anytime they comment or post), especially any Wyze employee.

For example, I’d love to set up following / “Watching” for every single post @WyzeGwendolyn makes, so I get notified when she informs us of anything. Sometimes she posts in threads or categories I am not “Watching” and so I miss stuff I wish I’d known about. I’d also like to follow or get “Watching” alerts with almost all of the @WyzeTeam so I make sure I don’t ever miss a single post anyone at Wyze makes (and maybe a few other users too). It’s too hard to check every single post made every single day just to be sure I don’t miss something interesting that the Wyze team said. And if we set alerts for every category and thread it gets overwhelming and becomes totally pointless.

Is it possible for us to be able to do that? If it’s not currently available, can someone please look into whether it’s something possible to implement? I know Wyze uses 3rd party code for this forum, but I imagine they have different options and plugins available to add such features since it’s a fairly common thing in other social media forums. Can we add this as a Wishlist if it’s not currently available?

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Well somebody’s campaigning awfully hard for Wyze Superfan. :wink:

Seriously, all you have to do is bookmark their activity pages. I can see all your posts by going to

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Heh, sure. I’ve certainly come around a lot more since their AMA impressed me. They did tell me in an email that I’m in their top 2% of customers, so that puts me around 2 standard deviations above average, which I guess by statistical definition would definitely mean you are right to use that term. For comparison, to get into the “High IQ” MENSA membership, you score in the top 2% on an IQ test, so I guess that puts me in Wyze’s MENSA category…although, in this case, it’s basically all choice, with real Mensa, some people can never “choose” to get to that point…but whatever, it still works!

Anyway, I did know about that work around, it is just very tedious to have to do that manually for every single person I am interested in following…and it doesn’t “notify” you either like the threads do. That’s kind of what I am hoping they’ll do… they’re using some stock forum software that I am sure there are other plugins for. If they implement the right plugin, that should work. It would particularly be useful for Mods and Mavens to keep up with the important stuff they should know (as opposed to each one of them theoretically having to also read every single post of every single thread to make sure they didn’t miss something by a Wyze employee that they wish they had known so they could inform everyone else they are helping out. If they could just follow the Wyze Employees, then they’d all have the same important information all the time, and then be able to distribute their time to whatever other threads are active, without all of them overlapping on every single thread to make sure they didn’t miss something…kind of increasing the productivity with less man-hours, ya know?

For myself, I just told Jason this, I thought of this feature because of the "Works with Google Thread, and some of the other long active threads…I watch some of them because I’m waiting to hear an update in there from a Wyze employee on the issue, but instead 90% of it is getting notifications of people complaining that it doesn’t work and it’s the same thing over and over and over again…but I have to read them all because I might miss the one important message I’m waiting for…then I get sick of it and stop, and that’s when Wyze posts their update and I miss it for weeks because it wasn’t Wyze Gwendolyn who posted about it because I was watching her profile activity instead of some other employee who rarely posts who I couldn’t have predicted would be the one to do it. So it was just a lose-lose situation trying to follow the thread for an update…I muted some people, but there were constantly new ones, ya know? And maybe I wanted them muted for that thread, but want to hear if they post in another thread. It just gets complicated for something that otherwise has such an easy solution…let me follow every Wyze Employee and then I’ll just be notified automatically when there is something that would interest me to know.

Hopefully, that makes sense. Still, if they don’t do it, I’ll live, things just are not as efficient as they otherwise easily could be.