Is there a 3rd party app that will work with the Wyze cameras?

One that will not keep trying to sell me something every time I open it? One that will not keep sending me notifications to buy items. I know how to get to the Wyze web site. And I know what they sell. I don’t need to have constant reminders sent to me. This doesn’t generate new sales. I generates posts like this…

Simple solution turn off the Notifications in the app settings.

The worst I get is the shop icon might be highlighted.


Tiny Cam [Pro] is an app a lot of people use to view their Wyze Cameras.

Alternatively, a lot of people will use something like Docker Wyze Bridge, or Wyze Hacks to turn the camera feeds to local RTSP, etc and then run all their camera feeds and notifications through another platform. That is something lots of people love to do.

All of those options will still allow you to get various AI notifications, view the camera stream, etc.

Thanks for the info. Not sure I am clever enough to do some of that. But I am going to see what I can learn!

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