Continuous monitoring app/screen

I’m looking for a solution to live-stream the feed from my Wyze Cam 2, ideally on my LAN, but through the Wyze servers if necessary. I’m on a budget, and I don’t want an active AI communicating with Amazon or Apple or Google. (So not Alexa or whatever).

I purchased a $30 RCA tablet with a super crappy Android OS, and side-loaded the Wyze app onto it. It times out or freezes too much and even when it’s working the tablet is so under-powered the lag time is excruciating. I have an old iPhone with a cracked screen and near-dead battery that might be re-purposed.

I’m looking for one of two alternatives:

(A) a third-party app for Android or iOS that runs smoothly and continuously and won’t time out. Even better if the app can have an auto-wake function so the screen goes dark after a few minutes, but wakes whenever there’s a notification or motion detection. Also would be nice to have a timer for a sleep cycle, so it’s not active at night.

(B) if the Wyze app is the best/only choice, then what inexpensive screen would work? I don’t want a smart-device that’s talking to Amazon or Apple or Google all the time. I just want a screen to stream the feed from my cams.


For many years now I’ve had two android tablets mounted to my living room and kitchen walls that display one of my cameras that overlooks my front door and yard 24/7. I did it with other cameras years before Wyze.

Anyway, I’ve over the years, I’ve used the two most popular apps, TinyCam Pro for Android which works with Wyze and IPCam Pro on IOS with other cameras (Doesn’t work with Wyze) and with the Wyze cameras I’ve found the Wyze app most reliable. I’ve changed out tablets a few times over the years but currently have two Samsung Galaxy Tab A T-350 that I bought used for cheap. They are several years old, 2017 I think. They go through phases where I might have to refresh the app a couple times in a day for some unknown reason, server problems I suspect, but for the most part I can go a week or more at a time without touching them and the stream is always up.

I don’t think there’s a monitor only solution in a closed system, you would need RTSP for that which I guess you could do with the V2 cameras and the RTSP firmware, but I prefer the features of the Wyze app and services and don’t use it.

If you’re concerned about security with Google, etc, you can lock down android tablets some. Since those tablets are dedicated to just displaying a Wyze feed, I have no extra apps installed other than Wyze, disabled as many apps as I could, turned of auto updates and reporting, turned off notifications, etc. It’s not perfect, but I get the 24/7 stream I want that’s pretty reliable.


I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab E and TinyCam Pro. I cannot get it to find any of my Wyze cameras. Can you share how you got them working?

Welcome to the community.

To get the Camera’s into TinyCam go to Manage Camera’s and the click the + in the bottom right:

Then click the Add IP Camera, NVR/DVR

After you do that then you need to do the following:

  • Select Wyze Labs for the Brand
  • Select Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan from the Model
  • I leave the Protocol at Cloud, Unless you installed the RTSP software
  • Enter your login credentials

These are the settings to fill in

The go to Advanced and pick the channel number. This will correspond to the order you have in your Wyze App Home Menu - where all of your devices are located. Channel 1 is position 1, and so on.


Then save the settings, back out one level and click this:

to make sure you have it setup correctly.

Is this (correspond to the order you have in your Wyze App Home Menu ) necessary now? For example all my cams are in sub groups, I had just been adding the ones I could find and making sure they all had different channel numbers.

Actually, when you click on camera status, at the bottom it will show you everything with the channel in parenthesis.

Where is it that it lists ALL the cameras with their names the user assigned?
I could swear I ran across in that tinycam but can’t find it now.

When you go to Camera Status, it is at the bottom, either below or above the actual video.

I will set one up and then send the list


This is what I see to select the channel number
NOTE: the number between the is the channel

Do you have a link for the best directions you have found for tinycam?