Feature Request: Live local camera monitoring

I’d like a base-station type windows application where I can stream all my cameras at all times.
The best would be just a windows app that runs on my network and gets all the cameras’ feeds. I already have SDcards for retrieval, but live-monitoring is currently not feasible.
I don’t need a device to do this either, I have a windows server running home automation stuff already, this would be just another application on the server and I can have up on the display.
Also maybe a linux-based application works too. got a raspberryPi doing stuff as well.

Thousands of us are doing this already. I use TinyCam running on a tablet 24/7. Others use Wyze RTSP firmware and NVR/security software such as Blue Iris. VLC works too. The new web viewer works on any Chrome browser. Others are running the Wyze app on M1 Macs of trying to get the Android version running on Windows.

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