Best screen to show the v3 cam live feed on?

Hey y’all! I’m new here but I gotta say that I love the Wyze products and recently picked up the v3 cam to use as a baby monitor. Next, I need a screen that will be able to stream the camera’s live feed for a long period of time. Been looking at the Alexa Echo Show, the Google Nest Hub, or maybe just a simple iPad/android tablet or the Fire HD 8 Plus tablet. Anyone here uses the cam as a baby monitor and if so what screen do you prefer to live stream the feed 24/7 aside from the app on your phone?

You can NOT use the Show as a continuous monitor, at least not yet. There are timeouts after about 10 minutes.

Fire tablet or any tablet running the Wyze app should be fine. You may have to sideload it.


That’s great to know about the SHOW - thanks! What about the Google Nest Hub? Is that different and do you know if continuous monitor would work on that?

I thought about a fire tablet or any android tablet or iPad with the Wyze app as an alternative and this kinda confirms it.

I don’t know but I’ve read very mixed reports about Google compatibility here. I’m sure someone else will chime in.

Of course there’s always the option of dedicating an old phone for this purpose. Personally I’m using a Fire HD8 (for multivendor camera monitoring, not as a baby monitor).

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I see - will probably do the same - have you had any connection interruptions on the Fire HD8? How long do you usually keep the app open with the live feed?

Yes the feed drops/blackens fairly regularly but usually recovers within a minute or so. I actually switched to using TinyCam instead of the Wyze app. Sometimes I have to touch it - zooming in or playing a recording or otherwise switching contexts - to get it to kick a feed back on.

I keep it running 24/7. I hacked the tablet a bit to keep it from ever going to sleep. I documented some of my experience at

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I recently have been using the echo show 5" and 8" and the feed has been perfect and even allows me to use it over night. I am assuming this was thanks to an update as until recently it would time out. Now it holds on screen until I request alexa turn it off.

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That’s pretty good news! Has it been pretty steady so far? Any other issues with the stream?

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What? Does this mean that WebRTC support has finally rolled out? Big news indeed. Thanks.

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I haven’t had any issues. I have been using it for both audio and video. I use the 8" during her naps during the day and it has ran no problem and the 5" at night all night. My Daughter has been sick and it has worked like a dream for about the last week. (maybe longer but she is big enough I don’t need to run a baby monitor unless she is sick)

Have you tried the continuous stream? Is it working now or still times out for you?

I’ve ran it for 2-3 hours straight about 5 times now and 9 hours straight 4 times and it has worked each time. I haven’t had a need to run it for longer than that.

That’s great to hear!

Are you using the 1st or 2nd generation shows?