Amazon vs Google hubs

I’m looking to buy a home hub to easily view my new cams from my living room. I figure it’s easier than constantly pulling out my phone and opening the app every time. So since it’s Boxing Day here in Canada I thought I’d take advantage of some deals.

Question is which works best with Wyze cams… Amazon Show 5/8 or a Google Home Hub/Max?

Can’t speak for Amazon… but Google connection is “unfinished.”

When it works, it works fine… but, that’s not very often. I ask the hub to show cams, and it can take anywhere from 30 sec to forever to connect, and then it’s random on whether it will show the camera or just a blank screen. None of my cams are further than ~30 feet from the router, and the hub is less than 10 feet from it, so it’s not a signal issue.

I’ve read on reddit that Amazon’s products are more consistent, but since I don’t own one, you’ll need more input from the community.


I think neither… Since there is a livestream limit on both devices, I don’t use it on Google nest hub because it seems glitchy on it the last time I tried. I think the best way to use wyze is on a phone or tablet. Amazon has some cheap ones available and you can use them similarly to an Amazon show too.


I have an Amazon Show 2 and 5 and use Wyze on both. It works fine but be aware of the current limitations. Approximately 5 minutes of streaming at a time, after that you have to restart the stream. It’s also about 2 to 5 seconds delayed vs the app.

If you can live with the current limitations I think Amazon is fine. Google seems to be glitcher than Amazon.

If the limitations bother you then as mentioned above consider an inexpensive Fire tablet or Android or Apple tablet.


Thanks for the suggestions guys! I think I may hold off a bit more to see how things evolve.

I’m starting to feel like the biggest downfall to choosing Wyze is they’ll never flawlessly work with the bigger player products from Google or Amazon. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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I started with a Google Home Hub and the connection to my cams was terrible. There just is no way to make it work right at all. So, I bought an Amazon Echo Show Gen 1 just because I liked the style and it was cheap since it is the older model and heard that it worked well. It does work great but just as rbruceporter said, there is a delay on the feed which in my case is about 5 seconds due to the cloud connection which is not too bad but the picture does time out after a short bit. I guess that is to prevent screen burn in and the picture is great!

Now since I installed Tinycam on my 10" Lenovo tablet, I can watch all of my cams through the app with no timeout and the app lets me sequence through them all which is good since it will prevent screen burn in and I can see all of the cams as well. Tinycam is a great app for these cams and it will work on a phone as well.

I am thinking of buying a used 10" tablet to use as a dedicated cam monitor as well. I hope I have helped.


So is there a delay or timeout using a tablet?

Not when using the Wyze app or any app that uses RTSP feeds. But some of the emulators introduce some overhead as well.

I use a cheap no-name 10" tablet as a dedicated cam monitor running Wyze app, there is some delay still, I can hear the real sounds before hearing it from the tablet. There’s no timeout that I can tell but when monitoring a single camera, the app would quit or hang after a few days, in 4-cam view mode it rarely lasts more than a couple of days. I guess reliability would vary depending on the specific tablet’s capability.

Another option is to put the RTSP firmware on your cam and download VLC to a device (it’s available on IOS, Android and PC). I use this setup to cast to my living room TV or just leave an old laptop open and monitor a cam or cams.
You lose some functionality with the RTSP but not bad.

Where can I find more information about this RSTP firmware and VLC ? Sounds interesting.

This should help you get started with the RTSP setup. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the information. I think I will leave well enough alone then.


You’re welcome! :+1:

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I have an older iPad Air and use it to run just the Wyze app. You can log in on two iPads and use them as monitors and I have not lost any functions. The shortcuts added to the new us allows quick access. I wish they Wyze had an audible alarm you could connect to sense

I have the audible alarm set up for my front porch cam using the Tinycam app. I can also designate certain areas of the camera’s field of vision that I want monitored. It however requires constant monitoring of that camera. Or it still works if I am sequencing between my cameras. I have a Wyze Sense device that I have not set up yet and I just ordered the Wyze Plug set as well. I guess that I am going to be in a learning curve to see what that will do for me. But I have not decided how I am going to use it yet. I would like for the Sense module to activate a light on my porch and sound the alarm at the same time. I figure that it is going to require the use of the IFTTT app to achieve this.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys. I’m still a bit bummed that Wyze cams won’t work flawlessly with one of the two major home hubs :frowning:

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I can’t say that my Echo Show Gen 1 works flawlessly with my Wyze cams but aside from the 5 second delay, I like it just fine. I do wish there was a way to stop the timeout though. But there again, just a minor annoyance. Like I said before. A 10" tablet with Tinycam seems to be the ticket.

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Screen burn-in isn’t an issue with LCD displays, as the liquid crystal elements that act as the “valves” to control the light output allowed for each sub-pixel are not themselves emissive.

I suppose if one had a full array local dimming LCD display (which I have yet to see in any tablet, and certainly not any smart display), and one continuously displayed a bright image over one section of the screen and a dark image over another section, there would be loss of brightness from the LEDs in the bright section, but that would take thousands of hours to become perceptible.

I’ve had the same issues with Google hub on my end. It’s instant with my Google nest doorbell, and it should be. I just wish the Wyze connection is faster. Wyze products show up in my Google Home app now (door sensors and cameras) however you cannot view them in the home app.

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