How well do the Wyze cams work with the Google Nest Hub?

OK, I’m still learning my way around the Wyze Cam world and I just discovered that the Google Nest Hub will stream my cams. How well does this work in general? Thanks.

I hate to say right now it does not work very well, it is very laggy and has a hard time connecting, they are aware of the issue and are looking to see if the problem is on their side, but if you are hinging on the streaming ability on whether or not to purchase a Nest Hub I would hold off.

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I appreciate your reply. However, since I am still not getting any notifications from this forum (different issue), I did not see your response in time. I bought a used hub today on eBay. I guess I will find out how well it works next week. I will post my views on it here then.

I use it for many other things so they do come in handy, just streaming WYZE on it is not the best currently

I appreciate that you told me that. I was hoping that my purchase was not made in vain. :wink: :smiley:

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