Google nest hub doesn't work with V3 or outdoor?

So wait I just bought a Google nest hub and you can only use it to view cam pan, and v2 cameras? V3, outdoor don’t work?

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No answer on if the Nest Hub will work with a v3 and/or WCO cams? I was considering one of the special deals, but if it can’t display the v3 and WCO’s… then no point in buying one.


Yeah doesn’t work with anything but original pan cam and version 2 literally thinking about just getting rid of wyze and moving to Google nest cam.

I guess that explains why they are ‘on sale’


Well that’s lame I paid $99 just for the nest hub and it don’t even work with the cameras I got

yes I saw the deal they had so I got a nest hub now can’t view any of the outdoor cams. Beginning to think I just need to switch all the cams to nest and give up on anything wyze.

That’s what my plan is , it’s a shame though I’ve been with wyze since the early early days, but I also feel that with continue increase in the wyze products,these type of issues and they should have these problems worked out by now. Instead of introducing products that don’t even integrate into the app like wyze night light which I found out after I had already purchased them, and wyze vaccum they should invest it into the products that we actually would like to work i.e the cameras and the app and lights for starters. I’ve already got the nest hub a pixel 6 pro phone and everything else into Google already guess it’s time to start replacing wyze cam with nest. Unfortunate but I’m over the price increases and still all these year 1 and 2 issues that still aren’t solved.

I bought two V3’s and two Nest Hubs thinking I could replace my aging baby monitor system. The V3’s will live stream one at a time on Nest hub but the screen times out after five minutes. I have two babies to monitor and there’s no way to split screen the feeds like you can in the app when you group cameras together.

My outdoor cams will live stream after several connection attempts but usually the screen times out before they connect.

I love the cameras but have no love for the Google Nest Hub or their lack of compatibility with the cameras. I have Google Assistant on my phone and really have no need for the Hubs so I will be returning them.

Time to switch to Alexa!

I have a fire hd 10 tablet it says it cant display cams on that either