Amazon vs Google hubs

How do you view 4 cameras at once in the Wyze app? I see people mentioning Tinycam, is this a third party app that works with Wyze?

Yes, Tinycam and Tinycam Pro are a third party app available for Android and iOS. It is an excellent app in my opinion for viewing multiple cams at once or sequencing through multiple cams. I bought the Pro version ($3.99) and I think it was worth it for the great features. It can be a little tricky to set up but once all of that is done, it runs smoothly. Here is a link to the website…

It’s actually only available for Android not Ios unfortunately. There is an similar app called TinyCam on iOS App Store but it’s by a different vendor. Great product though on Android!

If I understand your question correctly, just go into the Wyze app, create a group containing all your cams. After that when when you open the app you will be presented with that group. Tap on it and all your cams will be displayed. Turn the phone horizontally to display 4 cams at once. If you have more cams just scroll to see the rest.

I just bot a nest hub and the wyze software is a pile of crap. Cant get the cams to work on the nest hub. I was able to view the tinycam pro on the hub but cant use voice to view when some one is at the door. Wyze needs to get the software working with google.

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Dont yet nest hub does not work well with wyze

To be quite honest I’m starting to regret buying these cams. I think it sucks to have to resort to third party software like tinycam to make the cams work the way they should. I purchased based on their advertising “Works with Alexa and Google Assistant” but does it though? It’s cool to see them develop new products like the door bell and lock but maybe they should perfect their cameras and software before anything else. Maybe I’m wrong but it feels like they weren’t ready for prime time.

Yes, it is disappointing that Wyze does not feel the need to compete with Tinycam but Tinycam from what I understand of it is not just supportive of Wyze cams only. I’m glad I found it. It has made the use of the Wyze cams a lot better experience.

Honestly, you can’t beat Wyze cams for the money. The features and compact size are really good. I do honestly think that Wyze needs to step up their game and perfect what they have already developed before moving on to bigger and better things.

Is beginning to sound like a feature request for an greatly enhanced Wyze app to better support multiple cameras and live stream monitoring.

I was using google on lenovo smart display to see cam feeds.
For a number of months worked well, although did have a time out.
Served my purposes. Somewhere arounc Sept due to some software change by google or wyze, quit working. Now delay and then shows flashes of pic as it loops and loops

I can only speak to the Alexa integration as I don’t have any of the Google devices.

On average it takes about 5 to 20 seconds to display a camera feed on my Echo Show 2, the feed is usually delayed about 3 to 5 seconds from real time. Frequently the audio is stuttering or not synced with the video.

But this is also true of ANY video feed via Alexa. Arlo and Ring cameras I own do the same exact thing. So I suspect the issue is more on Amazons side than Wyze.

Any way you slice it I would agree the integration is not great.

Now if I ask Alexa to turn a light or plug on she is pretty responsive for those integrations. And I have some Alexa routines that use contact and motion sensors to control locks and lights and plugs and those are pretty much real time.

So it seems to be strictly video feeds she has troubles with.

The Kindle Fire HD7 or 10 works pretty well for this if you sideload the Wyze software. The software works great on a Kindle although you’d probably have to do upgrades yourself once in a while.

Also, any old reasonably new unused android phone works well.

I’m looking at my 10" Kindle right now.

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