Streaming wyze cam

I’ve been using my wyze cam as a baby monitor but when I stream it to either my TV or google home hub it works for a while but then it shuts off. Why is it doing this? Can I do something to stop it? thanks

There is a 10 minute limit for streaming to either Alexa or Google home. This limit is imposed by Amazon and Google not Wyze. You could switch to the RTSP firmware and stream to a PC or via something like TinyCam. That would get you around the 10 minute limit.

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Aaahhh, thank you. Is it the same thing for chromecast? Because when I stream to my Visio tv with chromecast the same thing happens

It might have the same limits…I know the Amazon Alexa displays do. I suggest using a phone or tablet streaming wyze if you’re going to use it as a baby monitor.


okay, thanks