Streaming fails after 10 minutes - Google Home Hub

My video stream cuts out after about 10 minutes of streaming on Google Home Hub. We really need a longer stream time. I bought 5 cameras thinking I could stream continuously on my google home hub if needed. Nowhere did I read in the product description that the stream time was only limited to 10 minutes. Thinking about returning these and moving on to a different brand. Has there been any progress on addressing this issue?

I am not a hundred percent positive but I think the time out issue is on the Google side and not the WYZE side but maybe someone else can say for sire.

The time out is dictated by Google (or Amazon for Alexa) both systems forbid a video stream longer than 10 minutes. I don’t know their reasoning but it cannot be overridden by Wyze (or Ring or Arlo).

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Any documentation of this? Because I have borrowed a nest camera and it had no such limitation. It streamed continuously for several hours.

Nest is made by Google so it may be exempt. And no I don’t have access to Google or Amazon’s developer docs I know I have seen the 10 minute limit on both platforms myself. Also have seen it discussed here and on Reddit numerous times.

You could try experimenting. I have verified the limit exists for Ring, Arlo, Wyze, Blink, DLink cameras but those are the only ones I have.


Look at this thread about the limit on Amazon echo/fire TV devices… I think it’s a similar situation with the Google home devices.

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This is a huge bummer. I was hoping to utilize this setup as a baby monitor for our twins and it looks like this is a bust.

Really hoping there is a solution that comes to light so I don’t have to return it all.

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I bought a nest camera for a baby monitor (not cheap $150). It streams constantly on a Google Hub. I have Wyze cameras everywhere else in the house

Since the Android and iOS apps don’t time out, I’m just going to get a few cheap Android tablets and make them Wyze hubs.

Seems like a cheap-ish work around.

Nest cams timeout after 4 hours I think it said. Still too short for us.

Or you could use an old Android phone too stream it as well. Not too old though because I had an old tablet with the old wyze and it kept shutting off during livestream mode.

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Don’t forget you can install the RTSP firmware and stream to a tablet or PC to your hearts content.