View on Google Nest Hub Max

I use a Google Nest Hub Max to view my Wyze cameras. The video stream stops after 1/2 hour to 2 hours. I want it to run 24/7 (that’s why I bought the display).

Is there a way?

(Also - is it possible to view more than 1 camera at the same time, in sub-windows?)

WebRTC (which Wyze is using now) is supposed to allow it to stream indefinitely unless there is a signal interruption of some kind. It’s possible Google set a timeout of some kind as well. I do not know why the stream cuts out. It seems like my Alexa Shows will often stream for hours at a time.

A possible workaround is to have a third-party app (ifttt, tasker, etc) force a new connection every half-hour or whatever through something like a webhook or having tasker push a streaming command to google every half hour or so. That way it should reset whatever timeout is interfering here. This workaround is too complicated for most people though. It took a lot of researching for me to learn how to do customized webhooks, and felt like a lot of effort for something I rarely use, so I haven’t used any in a couple of years now…I just know it is possible.

To my knowledge, there is no way to view more than 1 camera at the same time on a google hub. I know there are ways to do it with the Tiny cam app on FireTV and computers and such, but I do not believe there is a way to do it with Google.

I don’t think it’s a timeout - if it were, the drop would be a lot more predictable.

I think something breaks and something doesn’t recover properly.

Fair enough.

I know I can sometimes watch for several hours on end on other devices without interruption (I often do this while I’m working late at night), but I recall that RTSP users report regular drops/seconds of gaps in streaming. So the untimed drop [breakage] hypothesis makes sense, though a dev would have to confirm what’s going on.