Displaying cams on Google Nest Hub

Hi i have a quick question since your post relates to Google and my question relates to the Google Nest Hub. I have a Google Nest Hub. And 1 of the main reasons i bought it was to be able to live stream my cameras when i ask to on the Google Nest Display. But i have found when i ask it to livestream one of my multiple Wyze cameras, it takes too long for the display to respond and show the picture, and the display times out. Do you or anyone else, have any suggestions or advice or information as to why this is happening? Thanks in advance for any info & help!

I have roughly 40 cameras, and I have a few google nest hub displays as well. Most all of my cameras will stream on the Google Displays, but there are a few with certain names that cause Google to misunderstand and not load the stream. So I found I have a couple options to fix that: I can change the name to something it is more likely to get right (sometimes through trial and error), or to navigate to the camera by touching the menu instead of verbally commanding it.

With that in mind, I would suggest TRYING to rename the camera, even if it is just doing so temporarily (you can always change it back later, etc), and using a common word with the word cam or camera as the second word and see if that helps. Also, there are different ways to ask it to show the camera. I find sometimes it works better with some commands than others.

In some cases it can help to be specific, like saying “Hey Google, stream [____ Cam] on [Kitchen Hub]” to have it stream a camera on the hub display. Sometimes this helps because multiple Google devices, including your phone, might here you say “Hey Google” and then they take a minute to decide which of them should show it or if they can.

Another thing that can help is to make sure that your Google Hub is on the same network as the Cameras. If you are connecting a different SSID or they have “Device Isolation” on any of the SSID’s being broadcast by your router then the hub and camera may not be connecting to each other “Locally” using WebRTC like they normally should. This could be a reason for a delay and issues.

I use mine all the time though, so I can confirm that it is possible to have Google Hub work well with Wyze cams.

Which Wyze Camera Model are you struggling with? I have most of them.

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Thanks so much for your reply and the info. I originally started getting the Wyze Cams cause of Price Point and cause they are User Friendly to set up and use. I consider myself able to get by with twchnology and able to figure things out as long as its not too in depth. So i have never had problems. But the 2 that seem So It seems the ones i have some issues with in regards to the Google Nest Hub is The Wyze Cam Outdoor and The Wyze Cam Pan V1. If you do have them, do you have any problems streaming them to your Google Hub? Again, I really appreciate your insight. Thanks so much.

I am having the same issues with a Wyze Cam V3. It has never worked with my Google Nest Hub since day 1. It is very disappointing.

WYZE support tried to troubleshoot. I sent log files, the whole nine yards. They said they couldn’t solve the issue. There are many complaining about this.

I have the latest firmware on the cam. I have the latest apps, both WYZE and Google Home/Assistant. I have set up hundreds of wireless networks far more complex than my home setup for businesses and homes in my county. (I am an IT consultant.) I have setup wireless networks that span miles, not feet, linking multiple buildings through firewall VPN’s in complex multi subnets in Windows Domains for infrastructure enterprises like fire departments and water and sewage companies. They have to work 24/7…without daily “reboots” or “power cycles”.

I have wasted so much time on this it is ridiculous because I believed what they said in the marketing materials. I kept thinking it was something I was doing. I should have read this forum first.

Not only does the camera not display in any app but the WYZE app, the WYZE Thermostat is sketchy in the Google Home integration as well. The set points float. Sometimes Google says the Thermostat is offline when the WYZE app shows it as online.

I should never have believed WYZE’s claim of Google Assistant/Home integration. It is clearly problematic at best. Luckily I only bought one camera to test it out instead of the 6 I wanted to deploy.

I am switching to another vendor for my cameras. This has been a colossal waste of time. The low price is not worth the headaches. I will try a Reolink next.

BTW - I also bought some TP-Link Kasa products that have all worked flawlessly with Google Home/Assistant right out of the box. I guess they actually test their products before shipping.

Good luck.

I just checked. My Pan v1 DID stream to my Google Hub, but my Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 (I don’t have a v2), didn’t stream to my Google Hub :thinking: I rarely use my WCO’s, but we may have discovered a bug here with this one. Let me ask @spamoni if he is able to stream his WCO’s to his Google Hub (or if anyone else who has them can check, that would be great too).

Hmm, that would be frustrating. All of my V3’s are streaming fine to my Google Hubs though, so I am not sure what the difference is for yours. I would think they should mostly all be the same, and if they aren’t, why is there a difference? Why does it work for lots of others, but not for some. :thinking: You mentioned how complex your network is, that I wonder if there is something related to that which may be influencing the conflict somehow. That would be my primary suspicion. The more complex something gets, the more potential for conflict too.

I said that I have set up complex networks, not that my network is complex. Everything else works great.

My point is that I have spent way to much time trying to fix something that was touted as a feature by WYZE. Even their own support gave up.

There are multiple users complaining about this to deaf ears.

“Year of the camera” indeed…

Same problem here can’t display any Pan2 Pan3 or V3 on nest devices. I tried with an Echo and displayed flawlessly