Using Wyze Cam Pan with Google Nest Hub question


I just purchased a Google Nest Hub and as far as I know, I have it set up correctly with the Google Home app. When I ask it to “show cam pan 1” as I have it labeled, it shows a screen that reads “Playing Smart Home Camera” then it takes a long time to show the camera feed and sometimes the picture switches back and forth between the playing screen and actual feed. Then when the camera feed picture is showing, there is about a 15 to 25 second lag in the actual motion. Is there a way to fix this?

They are currently investigating this issue, there are a few threads about this.

Thank you for letting me know that. Now, if you could figure out why I do not get email notifications for my posts, I would be happy. I have every notification setting set to send notifications but still do not get them. :thinking:

Well, I took a look and read of those other threads on this issue. Some go a ways back and that makes me wonder if this issue is going to be resolved any time soon. As I have my Wyze Cams connected with my Google Home app and account, I see a reference to viewing the cams over a Chromecast device connected to my TV. How well does that work? My goal and apparently many others goal is to be able to monitor our cams on a larger screen other than my phone. I guess I could use my Android tablet for now but the automation of the Google Nest Hub would be more convenient.

This I have not yet tried, I know there are people on here that have and say it works. I just have not had a use for it yet so have not tried to do it.

After looking at reviews of the Chromecast device, I have decided that I do not want one. I’ll keep my Roku instead.