Is Samsung Health integration coming to scale?

It’s still on the product page as coming soon, but still no updates being posted or roadmap updates?

Samsung closed down their partner registration and access to their SDK saying they are “updating it,” and they put Wyze on a waiting list for when they reopen it again…so Wyze has been on a waiting list all this time and Samsung won’t reopen it to any new businesses and nobody really knows why Samsung is being so weird. :man_shrugging:

Wyze intends to implement this as soon as Samsung allows new companies to add to it.

It could be useful for some people to ask Samsung in their community when they are going to reopen their Samsung Health App to new Partner Registrations again since it has been disabled for more than 2 years now with nobody having access to the SDK:

We’re all just waiting on Samsung to allow new partners again…they currently have it locked up and are still telling people they’re updating and will let Wyze know when they’re ready to allow it again.

This is why Wyze stopped mentioning it on the newer scales, but if Samsung ever reopens the SDK, I am guessing that Wyze will probably implement it on all of them.


Great info. Thank you very much. I went ahead with your recommendation. Viewers, please feel free to focus attention on the post by liking it:

Thank you.


Thanks for starting a thread there. I went and liked your post there and added support. Hopefully someone will see it and bring the issue up where it can matter even if we don’t actually get a reply. :+1:

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is this still waiting for Samsung to open their partner registrations?

Sadly, yes. We’ve been e waiting on Samsung for years now.

Samsung should stop claiming it’s temporary at this point and be a little more honest with their plans. Temporary implies weeks or months to most people, not several years.

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