Linking band to Samsung health app

I have Note 9 & I have a galaxy watch so if my phone and my watch both keep track of my sleep and goes to samsung health app.
My band is linked to my phone I get my text msg on my band & my band keeps up with my sleep so why can’t my band send my sleep info to my Samsung health app. The other night my phone and watch went dead so they did not record my info but my band did have the info but no way to send it to my Samsung health app
Is it a way to link my band for my info goes to the app?

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Samsung Health integrations with step counter, pulse, and sleep.

Samsung provides SDK API for submitting and reading data to their health data stores.

It would be nice for the apps to sync so that we can use Samsung’s more in-depth ecosystem. I personally like the friend competitions they offer and the historical data views.


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It is mentioned that they plan on integrating more fitness and health applications at some point. I too hope that Samsung Health is one that comes soon.