Is it my network or the cameras?


Why, why, why, why? What’s changed?

So I’ve had Wyze cams since V1 and new a few V2’s both cam and cam pans and V3’s … in fact 13 of the things…

So its been a while, I’ve had them since before they came to Canada, via a USA mailforarding service.

Has something changed someplace? Back in the good ole days my cameras used to connect in a “timely” fashion.

Has the company done something or maybe they’re more popular now and they don’t feed the hamster as much to run the server now, or maybe because they ARE more popular the servers are too busy …!?

The overall usability for the cameras has tanked, the struggle to connect to ANY of them is like pulling teeth now, and it HAS been for the past year, it might be my old V1 outside or the new V3 cam pan or the V2 in the living room, all of them, the novelty of watching a green ball try to fill up is getting boring.

Are they “doing something” to my cameras and access since I’m not paying for CamPlus and never will? Do they prioritize feeds based on does the user pay for CamPlus? It sounds dumb and paranoidly stupid to ask but I dunno what else to do and can’t figure out why its getting worse and worse to use my Wyze cameras?

Like now, my Deck Cam a V2 on was dead (sigh) Ok, I went outside and unplugged both power adaptors from the outside socket - so bounced both of them and now the Deck Cam is back up along with my Back Yard Cam a V3 on on the same power brick but NOW my Sky Cam up on my radio mast is now dead … V3 CAm Pan on 4.504.7252.

Is there a trick to get them to stay connected to a Ubiquiti Unifi network with 3 AP’s in a 1500 sq foot house ? I have a Cloud Key on the network too so I can see everything !!

Dave C

We are not doing this, although we did have an outage today that could have caused some issues.

Yes totally agree with the new version of cam pro it sucks. My camera goes off without being a “rule”. I wil never purchase another Wyze product nor would I recommend to anyone. I was a very happy customer for 3 years

My Pan cam failed (yet again) Thursday 2/15/24. I usually unplug, let it rest and plug it back in. It didn’t restart so today i reformatted the Micro SD put it back in but the Pan cam isn’t powering up at all Seems to me that its dead which means it only lasts 2-3 years. Is there anything that can be done?

Well … let see if re-numbering and resetting the entire network will help !!!

It’s a fun way to kill s Friday night …

Cheers’ Dave

@dcason curious as to if you had success? I added 4 cameras yesterday, now my network has tons of issues. Looks as through we both use unifi.

I just lost another camera’s connection. If i/we can’t fix this i will need to look into a work-around or another set-up.