Is Fedex Drunk?

I can understand that shipments are delayed because of the holidays and Covid, but can someone explain to me the following:


Thursday, December 10|6:59 AM|GREENWOOD, IN|Arrived at FedEx location
Thursday, December 10|5:31 PM|GREENWOOD, IN|Left FedEx origin facility
Thursday, December 10|10:51 PM|CHAMPAIGN, IL|Arrived at FedEx location
Friday, December 11|8:30 AM|CHAMPAIGN, IL|Departed FedEx location
Friday, December 11|8:36 PM|OVERTON, NE|In transit
Saturday, December 12|7:39 AM|COALVILLE, UT|In transit
Saturday, December 12|8:59 PM|NORTH SALT LAKE, UT|In transit
Sunday, December 13|8:59 AM|NORTH SALT LAKE, UT|In transit
Sunday, December 13|9:00 PM|NORTH SALT LAKE, UT|In transit
Sunday, December 13|9:13 PM|SALT LAKE CITY, UT|In transit
Monday, December 14|1:59 PM|HURRICANE, UT|In transit
Monday, December 14|7:39 PM|LAS VEGAS, NV|Arrived at FedEx location
Tuesday, December 15|12:19 PM|LAS VEGAS, NV|Arrived at FedEx location
Wednesday, December 16|4:22 PM|LAS VEGAS, NV|Departed FedEx location
Thursday, December 17|7:25 AM|NORTH SALT LAKE, UT|In transit
Thursday, December 17|7:56 AM|NORTH SALT LAKE, UT|Arrived at FedEx location

I live 15 miles from Salt Lake.

Why in the world would FedEx send my headphones to Salt Lake and then to Vegas (over 400 miles away) just to send them back to Salt Lake???

They are now saying that I should get them tomorrow, December 18th, but if they hadn’t wasted time and money sending them on a pointless trip down I-15, I could have had them on Monday the 14th!


Human error. Somebody put it in the wrong bin, that simple.

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LOL that is hilarious!

I have had tons of problems with FedEx lately. They keep claiming they delivered my packages to my front porch, but they didn’t, so I call about it, and a few days later it gets delivered by USPS with a totally different label, tracking number and destination route than FedEx claimed, and was definitely never delivered by FedEx…or, when I complain about it not having been delivered to my porch like they said, they magically “find it” a week later and deliver it a week late, but still leave all the tracking info saying they delivered it ontime way back when they originally did.

FedEx is so rampant with fraudulent tracking info, it’s ridiculous. They just make stuff up. A lot of places (Google, Walmart) have started shipping to me with a different service because I keep calling them every time FedEx lies about the tracking. (and I live in Utah too btw)

Anyway, onto explaining your tracking history…I will give some input as if I didn’t hate and distrust FedEx with a passion now…hey, I can be almost unbiased when I want… :slight_smile:

Note that most of the labels don’t say the package ARRIVED and DEPARTED to or from Salt Lake City…so they aren’t actually saying the package got to SLC, then went back down to Vegas away from you again…it simply said it was “IN TRANSIT” on the way there, but that it never actually arrived or departed…so it looks like the route changed several times. after it left Champaign, IL, then instead of going to all those other places it listed, it instead next arrived in Vegas (where lots of packages from that same truck were then separated and distributed out to other trucks, and yours jumped on a new truck to head from that center in Vegas to the place in Vegas that had a truck heading up to SLC. It may not mean that your package actually did all that since there was no “ARRIVED” and “DEPARTED” and the “IN TRANSIT” as I understand it, is simply the intended destination (which it apparently never reached before going somewhere else instead). Who knows why the route would’ve changed so much though…

Still, FedEx really sucks. They’ve screwed up or lied about 90%+ of my deliveries. By contrast, Amazon has only screwed up 1 in several hundred (that’s reasonable), and UPS has never screwed up any…but everyone loves FedEx for some reason. Cheaper? If so, there’s a reason they’re so cheap…they are the worst ones out there IMO…

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Odd to me as well… I have a very large package being shipped to me that has been all over the west coast and taken a delivery path that seems less than efficient, I don’t imagine its gotten in the wrong bin just some odd shipping pattern.

What I am more interested in is that WYZE is shipping out of a location less than 30 miles from me. I should get my WYZE products faster than I do :grin:


I think maybe I can beat that hand. Here is my pending FedEx laptop order from HP direct. Chongqing, China to Anchorage, Alaska in the US. Then back to Shanghai, China. Then goes to Memphis, Tennessee in the US. And has been sitting there for a week, still a thousand miles from me.

A personal shipment we made is at least a day late because they decided to pick up 4 hours earlier than the published pickup time. I don’t know what happened, but FedEx used to be the gold standard, the express shipper that made the post office and UPS alike look like chumps. They practically invented the concept of overnight shipping. Now they seem to be slumming in DHL territory or worse. It’s as if the carriers are conspiring to make Bezoshipping look good.


They’re more overwhelmed than ever and they’re winging it in hopes that it levels off after the new year.

They’ve been routing trailers to non local hubs that have capacity as they are getting processed faster that way, rather than having them sit and wait.

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Is Fedex Drunk? Definite maybe…

But like @joedel263 said, all the shippers are overwhelmed right now. My mail carrier said it’s been busier than last christmas for months now. I had a UPS delivery from some guy in a corolla the other day. Weird. :slight_smile:

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Okay, you win on the weird shipment actions. Yours actually show arrived and departed evidence, not just “In transit” for weird back and forth between different countries, including back where it started. Makes me think there was some kind of importing tariff issue that made it get rejected in Alaska and required it to go back to China for some reason. Notice that the second time it left China it included words about “international shipment release - import” this time and was actually successfully allowed to continue on.

As a side note, how did you get your post to do an inside scroll thing like that? Or was it automatic when the blockquote got so long?

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Yeah you’d think HP might have figured out shipping logistics after the first 50 years or so. I have heard about a bunch of new price hikes for shipping but supposedly not until the new year. If you can buy something through Amazon that is, for better or worse, your safest bet.

No, nothing special, just manually entered [ quote ] and end quote tags. I didn’t even notice the interesting scrolling until you pointed it out.