Shipping time

Does anyone have experience with shipping time to Detroit? I have a small window to pick up.

Forget about it. You can’t rely on the shipper if it’s FedEXPost.
Most of my 40 plus Wyze devices have been shipped from Wyze in Seattle to my residence in Northeast Mississippi.
I have tracked a package going back and forth in the Seattle area for days,
I’ve seen a package get one post office away after a few days only to RETURN to Seattle and then come back.
I’ve also gotten a package in 3 days.

im just south detroit. it all varies on fedex and thier package load that week.

usually it takes only a few days, but I have found the average 3-10.

doesn’t fed ex offer a drop off service at stores like walgreens? or is that only pickup?

It’s in Indiana now!

You never know where a package is going to go , I recently had packages (not from wyze) sent from Grand Rapids Michigan , I am near Flint Michigan , the package went from Grand Rapids Michigan to Memphis Tennessee then back up to Indiana then Detroit and then to me :upside_down_face:

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If only we could intercept packages and meet in Lansing LOL. That would probably save us quite a bit of time

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