Shipping Times?

Does anyone have experience with how long it takes to receive Home Monitoring equipment? I know it says “ground shipping” but 4 days from ship date,? 7 days? 10 days? I’m in Texas.

Thanks!!! Lee

Verify that it actually has been shipped. Use the Tracking number and see. If it is still at the place of origin, it has not shipped yet. With that said, I have had some packages come in within 1 week and others up to 3 weeks. So it will vary unfortunately.

Recently I had the Cordless Vacuum on the way, It got to Ohio and as there for a few days. In the meantime, my v2 Cam Pan was shipped, it eventually got to Ohio and ended up getting to me 7 days before the Vacuum. Not sure why it got held up, but was interesting to see the package pass the other and get delivered first.

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Can’t speak to your order specifically but, as far as I know, Wyze uses FedEx Smartpost for all their shipments. That, IMO, is the most unpredictable and inconsistent shipping service in the Western world. I’ve had items (not from Wyze) coming from the same location (one was a replacement for the original defective item) the first took about 14 days, and the second was over 3 weeks. Either time frame is absolutely unacceptable from PA to MI. It’s literally a crap shoot.


Wow! Thanks for the info! That is definitely undependable service. I really like Wyze in general, but they really don’t provide much information when ordering or support for asking questions about things like that.

Ground is uselly 3-5 days depending on the ship from location

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Thanks for info! Maybe not too bad all in all, if there is a way to track it.

I’ve had Wyze packages get picked up and take a week to get out of Seattle area, I’ve traced them going to Seattle, then Memphis, then back to Seattle, back to Memphis, then on to me.
It’s a gamble. They have always got through, just not well.

I’ve seen more than 1 example of FedEx Smartpost working like that - so - not unusual.

Thanks for the info! That’s what I was afraid of. If I want them in a timely manner, I probably need to order from Amazon.

I’m in California and wyze has a warehouse in California so it takes 2 days,when shipped from there warehouse in Washington it takes 3-5 days

I live close to Milwaukee. When being sent via FedEx Smartpost, FedEx makes sure they do NOT deliver before the 4 to 10 business days that must be part of their shipping contract.

My recent Pan V2 order sat in a FedEx station for 5 days (it was over a weekend) because it got to that location too quickly.


I just ordered some ear buds. It was shipped on Oct 22 and is in transit and won’t be delivered until Nov 1. Thats 10 days. They are using UPS, if they had used USPS for the same price I paid for shipping and shipped it in a small flat rate box and it would be here in 3 days. I love wyze products but I am sure they look into the shipping methods or at least make it an option.

I ordered a few items and they ship FedEx, from the warehouse in California and I’m in California as well and I get the items in 2 days

I’m in a major west coast city and currently waiting on my Wyze order. Today marks day 12 since purchase and consequently nearly half of my return policy is gone. FedEx is absolutely terrible!

What does the tracking number say? I’m in California and I get all of my orders in 2-3 days

Hi @kae4560 so it appears that the package came from Canada to Indiana. Then headed this direction and has been stuck in Kent, WA for 2 days. The delivery is on day 12 now. I think I’m just going to return it as it was pretty expensive and I’ve lost half of my return period. Maybe next time!

Kent Washington I think thats where wyze warehouse is,I got 15% off today’s orders they had a live utube event…what did you order all of wyze items are so cheap compared to other vendors

Robot vacuum, bulbs, plugs, a bunch of stuff. Once shipping was over a week I decided to compare other products and found another robot vac with great reviews for $135 with lidar, better suction, multifloor, spot cleaning (basically way ahead of the Wyze product). I want everything but the vacuum now. Check again today and it still says Kent, WA. That’s 3 weekdays in a row stuck there so I think it’s cooked. I contacted customer support and they said I have to wait until Friday for them to help so yeah… waiting :slight_smile:

Wyze uses FedEx Smartpost to ship products. It is unreliable and does NOT provide accurate, complete tracking. Delivery times/dates are a joke.
If the product you want is available via Amazon or Home Depot it would be best to get it there.
FedEx Smartpost delivers to USPS and USPS delivers to you.