Is Anyone Actually Satisfied With Their Wyze Camera?

Started with my monitored Ademco/Honeywell self installed alarm panel and system with just internal cellular.
Then added the extra communication paths to it for backup.

Removed the 360p crappy honeywell cams and put in Wyze cams, first were V2’s and pan in weatherproof encasement’s, then when V3’s came out I upgraded to V3’s and many more V3 cams.

Installed the microwave perimeter detection systems as I upgraded a government location and kept the removed “e-wasted” system and installed and reconfigured for my needs.
Info on these types of systems can be found here at this link: Infrared or Microwave: Which is Best for Your Perimeter? I got free e-wasted microwave units that were in working order but the location wanted a better system so I scored there on that setup.

Then later when loss of power became an issue sometimes just due to storms then on top of that our power utility PG&E started PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutdowns) and I added Battery Backup systems on many of my devices which can be found in this forum too…

When I get breaks between government contracts my mind doesn’t go idle unless I have enough beer, but I limit my intake and would rather be an electronics-nerd for entertainment…LOL

Several years of building my setups and I still am not done as when something comes to mind I will do it, especially if I get something free from a site removal.

Here is a link to one of my Battery Backup Systems just for comms and cams:
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications

There is another link under a Solar post someone started and I have been commenting in recently too…
Solar panel AND battery for Wyze Cam 3

Edit: Forgot to mention this for remote power cycling if something goes down
Remote power strip, modified for 12 volts (Originally a 120 VAC unit)

The one I am working on now will be for microwave perimeter intrusion system but it will cost the most as it needs at least 10-20 100 Ah Batteries and supporting hardware such as inverters, etc…
Waiting on next batch of e-wasted site removal parts or I will pay for my parts myself if no freebies.

I don’t consider it “totally extreme” yet I still need the AI gun turrets and sharks in a moat with lasers…LOL