V3 camera error 90

This what I use but it is “Way Over The Top” for your needs.
IP-P4 Professional 4-Port Remote Power Switch - Phone Control + Web Control

And I have also heavily modified mine to run on 12 volts as my system is 12 volt based for cams and internet.

Modified for 12 volt DC control IP-P4 picture below:

[MODS?] Note forum rotated picture on upload for some odd reason, download and rotate if needed for better visibility.

It allows me to control 3 banks of multiple cameras per bank and also be able to reset internet if down through landline telephone.

Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications <— Link to my power system


For your needs I would suggest a basic WiFi controlled model, plenty to choose from on Amazon
WiFi controlled power plug