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In events it won’t load a naked person. It will load the still image but stalls. So hear me out before you judge me . I set up “cat cam” in the master bathroom as I’m leaving for the weekend and that’s where their food / box is. I’ve never “watched” the cats, but had an extra new camera so I figured it might be fun. I showered and set it up in my bath towel. It dings a notice I went and put on my skivvies and a few back and forths to the bathroom in them. Figured I would check the view angle while eating lunch. The video of me moving won’t display - it shows a green box around me, but that’s it. The cats show the whole movement just fine.
Please don’t show your “experimental” partially clothed videos and I’ll promise to not show mine. But I’m now concerned that if my home is robbed / I’m attacked by nude persons I’ll not be able to identify them.
And what happened to friendly faces in “certain regions” and how is that determined that it’s not available?


This might be a coincidence. Or they may have updated something very recently. But last fall, my brother-in-law had a pool party at my house, One of the girls was very intoxicated and instead of using the outdoor changing stations we have setup for people, she just changed right in the open and I can confirm that the cloud events on my cameras absolutely did not censor anything even though I had them all on Cam Plus Unlimited with all the AI detections turned on.

It will be interesting if anyone else can confirm whether their cameras seem to censor events. I just know that the one time this happened on my cameras, it was totally uncensored.


I accidentally left test v2 and test v3 cams running while doing nekkid unmentionables with the wife. :hushed: More than once. :joy: No events censored. I downloaded and saved them. :rofl: That was before beta 3.0 though.


Yeah, maybe the new LLM AI implements some censoring.

I just asked about this in the official beta release thread.


I’ll happily do a test when I get home and update you on the results :joy:


Just please don’t post the video :rofl:


Out of curiosity, what camera did this happen on?

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First test with my cam v3 did not censor anything. The event played as expected.

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This a a grey v4. It may just be a glitch in the matrix. No events are loading on that camera now. But they did delete me from the beta app program when I changed the app to “not allow location service. But I’ve been driving the last 7 hours and just took a quick Look on a rest stop break at events and then noticed I’ve been removed in test flight.

Edit: ok I’m back into test flight ( without doing anything ) but logging into the forum here it said successful - yet kept reloading the page. So let’s assume all my issues are some weird glitch and I’ll review further on Sunday when I return home.

Did you by chance set this up so the event recording was only for pets?

In that particular instance if you were watching the camera it would still show the motion detection box around you if you were viewing the camera but the event cloud would only capture the smart detection you said it to which if it was pets that is all that would be recorded. That is the only thing I can think of that I have no of that could cause this type of thing. I haven’t heard of any smart implementation for censoring

I can say in the fairly recent past as of a few months ago certain things were not censored at a couple of gatherings in my house

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Not sure, but at this time let’s call it a glitch in the matrix on my end till I can get back home Sunday and further check what’s what. I set up a spare cam as a super quick “let’s watch the cats”when the thought crossed my mind while mowing the yard and then it was setup, shower, eat, check and go all in 20 min. I’m on a spotty middle of nowhere connection where I have to stand on a rock with a tree branch and a cast iron skillet for internet. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Sounds like a great Wyze challenge! :rofl:

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Last reply to keep open.

If any malcreants are spying on me, they deserve seeing a hairy fat man in his jockey shorts.


maybe Wyze is body shaming you. Try it wearing a set of Groucho Marx glasses with a fake nose.

Knowing that, Will make my wife happy. Since the system is cloud based, it would be a federal crime if a child that was nude, walked in front of the camera and the image went to the cloud… There should be a way to temporarily
turn the blur feature off in the event that is needed to view an image…

While waiting for a 256 gig micro SD card I decided to let one of the cameras watch an Asian horror film marathon. One of the movies had basic Japanese torture pr0n, but was not censored at all. The camera didn’t stutter or blur anything.

More interestingly, during a portion of a war horror movie soldiers were marching across the screen. The camera picked one soldier to track and it continued off screen. It followed along where the marching soldier should have been, then went back to the edge of the screen and continued where the soldier should be. It did this three times before it realized the edge was the border.
I got to watch it study the main monitor, screen within screen, other monitor with multiple cameras, etc. in it. It figured out which screen was its own pretty quickly.

I would like to know if you had a micro SD card recording and if so did it show your nakedness

It does.