Missing sensor driven cloud videos

Rule history shows success but where are the videos? They don’t appear under events even after 15 minutes.

Events tab is where they should be. That is truly odd? Are you Running beta or production?

Thanks-that’s what I thought. Don’t understand it.
I’m running Beta 2.6.5 on IOS 13.1.3. Updating to 13.2 in about 5 minutes.

I am on 13.2 myself with no Events issues that I am aware of. And running the same Beta.

Ah-the joys of Beta! I sent screenshot to the devs also-we’ll see what develops. Maybe the upgrade will help, although that really shouldn’t have anything to do with cloud storage.

Just out of curiosity is the right date selected at the top of the Events screen? Meaning the date that matches these log entries?

I am certain that it was, if got no other reason than I was checking on the same day. However, now that I go back and look per your statement at least most of them are there.
Did you, with your tech superpowers, plant them or am I (continuing) to lose my mind?
Thanks, I think. I’m going to run some test scenarios and see if it happens again.

I could tell but then I would have to get you drunk, you know so no one would believe you. :smile: