V3s (non-beta firmware) still can't filter notifications for specific AI events!

When will see the regular V3 cameras get the updated firmware (beyond We’ve been waiting so long to be able to separate AI detections from AI notifications! And no, I don’t want to download beta firmware.

Anyone with me on this?


I actually currently can’t even get it with beta firmware anymore anyway. The beta tract is stuck on an even lower firmware version for the V3 than the public firmware tract. So right now anyone who sets up a new cam can’t get granular AI notifications even with beta. I have some hard to reach cameras that I can’t [easily] get onto the new firmware and it is frustrating, so I understand the feeling.

Currently the only way to get this is actually not actually through Beta, it is by downloading the the latest PUBLIC Production firmware, loading it on an SD card and flashing the firmware to the camera that way. Then it will be up to date on the latest Public Production Firmware (it’s not Beta, but it is suspended). But again, the camera I need it on isn’t easily reachable, so I’d prefer not to do it that way. I’m waiting for normal OTA update as is being requested here.

And yes, I agree that I would really love to be able to update a couple of my newest cams to that newer firmware ASAP.

I know they suspended it for good reason and that they are working to make it more stable/reliable, but I am also very anxious for a fix to come out and wish there was a way for us to get it soon.


Thanks. Good info.

Appreciate the commiseration!