Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

Hello, People.
This post is a contribution to posts 547 to 560 to the degree it may apply.
My camera is not looking through glass, but if it were I think the captured images would be very similar.

Picture 1 shows the general setup. The porch provides the illumination for the V2. I replaced the original incandescent bulb with an LED version that provides a spectrum of natural daylight. I believe it would cost about $1.50 to operate all year.

Picture 2 is the exterior camera mount. For those with a window option, the camera could be placed inside aimed towards the area of interest.

Picture 3 is a closeup of the porch light. If you zoom in you can see the LED bulb. If you were to replace your bulb, take it to the store for an LED version.

Picture 4 is a captured image triggered by the motion sensor (above me out of sight).

Now that I am sharing this photo, I realize that I could have done several things to make the image better:
1, Clean the camera lens.
2. Aim the camera to avoid the glare.
3. Insert a piece of rolled widow screen around the bulb to diffuse the light or get a weaker bulb.
4. Insert a blinder made of aluminum foil on the sides of the bulb facing the camera. This is a cold operating bulb so heat build-up should not be an issue with items 3 and 4.
I do like the color this bulb provides.
Victor Maletic.


I use a small rectangle of aluminum foil (shiny side inward) and cellophane tape it to the inside glass of outdoor light fixtures to create blinders. It creates a smaller “dead spot” on the house, reflects the light back out away from the house and reduces cam glare to an acceptable level.


I like your idea. Will try it Monday.


The combination of the two takes less room, side to side, than the first piece with a USB adapter and cord. The combo leaves the bulb inside the fixture. I use a Wifi bulb.
My light fixture is like this.

I am on the East coast of Canada. In 2020 our temperatures have been from -12F in Feb. to +96F in June. We average 128" (10’-8") of snow per year.
I’ve had two V2s and a Pan outside for the past two years. I also have another Pan outside during the summer. No problems at all. The V2s are in a plastic case. The Pan is not but is 24" back under a roof overhang. The summer Pan is in a silicone bird house shaped case.

My porch fixture is like this one; so I’m not sure if the combo will work for me. But the two lights on both side of my garage is like the picture you inserted so it’ll work if I put a camera at the garage which I will do.

Can I just one of the combo pieces for the porch camera?

Also, where did you get this combo? Amazon? do you have a link?


Truly, it has lighten my way,

I’m not sure that the SD I got is “High Endurance.” Even though I used a Class 10 SD, it doesn’t specify that, but it might have happened for being kinda stingy (:smiley: :wink: hahaha :nerd_face: :sunglasses: . There was a cheap combo of 5 micro SD I bought from Amazon and the advertisement seemed to be credible …

P. S.
I’m using another of them on my 2nd v2, my mom’s Huawei Y6, and 2 Amazon fire 10HD tabs having no issues whatsoever…

The socket with this type of flat USB charger may work better in either light.
You’ll have to make sure water can’t get in. Let the USB cord droop down before it goes into the fixture so water will drip from the loop rather than following the cord into the light.


32GB SD at <$4 each are not high endurance and possibly not even 32GB. :slight_smile:

thank you Angus

Yes they are usu. about $10 ea. I read the comments on Amazon’s bargain JUANWE cards (that are not 5-Star) and all complained of failures or having only 1-Gb of format capacity.

I highly recommend using the freeware program “h2testw” to check all memory devices you use. It will not only check the size but also does write/read verification to insure it’s good as well as reporting the read/write speeds.

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Good advise, I have used it.
Even cards that look like real SanDisk, Samsung, etc. are often counterfeit.
I’ve been using Silicon Power (SP) cards from Amazon with no problems at all.

It is evidently not available for Apple…

Apparently a version has been ported to Linux and then subsequently to Macs under the program name “F3”. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the remarks… I usually check the ratings when the item is cheap, it was 4.5/5.

I have tested one of those memories that I put in my tab, and the tests have come as follows: :sunglasses:

Size: 31.26GB :nerd_face:
Write Speed: 13MB/s :nerd_face:
Read Speed: 20MB/s :nerd_face:

Meaning: Class 10, U1, V10 :sunglasses:
(Class 10 U1 is 10MB/s; those SD 13MB/s; 3MB/s more :yum:)

So, maybe it’s not endurance, but at least it should support HD video…

Detected SD

Write Test

Read Test

P. S.
I formatted the SD previous to the test as it was extended memory for my Tab, so I formatted it to fat32 due to compatibility issues. I tested it on my phone (Huawei Y9 Prime 2019) as my laptop has broken down and I don’t remember where I left the MicroSD adapter :smile:

2 Likes what kind of light bulb. I’m hearing that LED is good, sensor bulb is good, WIFI bulb. a dusk to dawn buld. which one?

But what I want to do is have a bulb that automatically comes on at dusk for lighting in the evening and turns off at dawn in the morning; but not affecting the wyze camera cause that always needs to be on.

I use a generic Wifi LED bulb. The software for it, Smart Life, will allow you to set up exactly what you are describing. On at sunset, off at sunrise or set times.



thank you Angus

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Hello People.
In my post 561 above, Excessive glare from my porch light degraded captured camera images. I suggested several means of reducing glare. I started by doing things that did not require a trip to the store.

I cleaned the camera lens.
Adjusted the camera aim.
Installed a 180° bulb shade within the porch light fixture.

The pictures below show the differences:

A lot of glare above my head in this photo above. Hair and face are washed out. My glasses are not discernable.

In the above picture, the camera has been re-aimed to not include a direct view of the porch light fixture. There is still a lot of glare above where my head would be as I got near the door.

In the above photo, a piece of aluminum foil has been placed around half of the LED light bulb in the porch light. It is a 180° arc of foil that blocks light beaming towards the camera and people approaching the door. Much of the blocked light gets reflected.

Here is a view of me after the above changes were made. Most of the bright area that was above my head is gone. Hair is still reflecting a lot. More face detail. Oh! I wear glasses.

This is a closeup of the porch light with the aluminum shade part way around the bulb.

Later the foil will be tidied up. I like the improvement of the camera images.

Victor Maletic.


Great info!

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