Indoor AQI not graphing

Yes, but are they getting hourly dots on the graph?

I’ve been following this thread and also have a Wyze air filter. I am pretty happy with it. Hoping a full range of filters will be available…

I just wanted to add my thoughts and observations. I too see no dots most of the time. I think the issue is not the lack of data but the granularity of the graph. My AQI hovers around 5-10 and this seems too low for it to register. The few times it has gone above 100 I see dots for a while.

What I think Wyze needs to work on is making the graph itself dynamic. If the data to show is 10-20 then change the y axis to be 0-100. It seems the scale is way of compared to the data being recorded which makes it look like nothing is recorded. From what I see there no way to see the raw data to now for sure

Just my thoughts. Hopefully Wyze will do something about the issue. I think they have a very nice filter with some nice features.

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Sorry, this forum is run on the forum-based platform “Discourse” and I don’t believe there is a way to change the thread reply structure to be the way you requested since I haven’t yet seen a discourse-based forum with a different layout than what you see here.

I mean this one

For those experiencing this bug, I added it to the fix-it-friday event for you. If you would like to add your support to having Wyze to address it, you may vote on it by clicking on the following link and “liking” that post to indicate to Wyze that you are also experiencing this bug:

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Support is now confirming it’s a software but and not hardware

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There should be a dot on the graph every hour no matter what the AQI is. Take a look at the Wyze promotional picture for the Air Purifier graph in the app.

If you are on our beta program and have access to 1.0.6, could you please help me to confirm if the discontinued graph still occurs?
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Updating now and will report back. Thanks.

Not sure what you are asking for, but I have FW 1.0.6 and am on the Beta.

This is what I see, but I get no dots on the graph. Did last week or so when my purifier went to 300, but nothing else:

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@Chuan When I had 1.0.5 I had sporadic AQI dots…not every hour, but I had a handful of dots per day, probably at least a dozen. It partially depended on the AQI levels throughout the day (the higher they were the more likely I’d get some dots…but even then, I also never had all 24 dots…it was common for several hours at a time to be skipped with no dots)

Ever since updating to 1.0.6 I get NO AQI dots, any time I’ve checked over the last several days it’s been zero dots, which never happened on any of the previous firmware versions. I never had zero AQI dots before firmware 1.0.6. The air purifier works great, but there are no AQI dots for me anymore.

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Well I have one dot. Which is one more than I was getting before but still clearly a problem. @Chuan

Same here… Since updating to 1.0.6, I have no data points graphed at all:

Log ID: 606016

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Big surprise that Wyze has yet another product with software issues. For the love of God, fire everyone that released software that doesn’t work as advertised and hire talented people!

Thought the new beta update would fix the graphing and data display in app? think again

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Of course it didn’t fix things, because Wyze doesn’t know how to do software, just look at their AI. Every time they put out a “smart” device it never works as advertised. Wyze should refund some of my money for this Air Purifier because it’s not doing what they said it would do!

Just thought I’d give an update on my 3:

I did get 3 dots today on one of my air purifiers using the new firmware (1.0.6)

Another one had 0 dots, and the 3rd one was offline (I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, but it was still offline…this is the first connectivity issue I have experienced with any of them, but it is still running manually really well). All 3 are running the beta firmware 1.0.6

So nothing has been fixed yet then. Wyze has had well over a month to fix it and nothing. But again, how did they not experience this issue during their testing prior to shipping? Personally I think they knew about it and shipped the purifiers out anyway.

From the last Fix it Friday update.

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