Air Purifier - extend Insights indoor AQI history

Please include longer indoor Air Quality Index history on the app’s “Insights” tab, as the 24-hour history isn’t that useful and doesn’t appear to place the actual dot for indoor AQI on the graph. Current screen shot attached.

This history of data would be aligned with Wyze robot vacuum, thermostat, scale, and door lock. I believe all of these devices retain activity history for at least one year.

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yeah, I’m not even quite sure what the current indoor air history even provides. there’s never any dots, bars, or lines in the chart.


Agreed, @wizll. Doesn’t make much sense to put in the work for an API just to have useless data.

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It’s not showing many dots because the software isn’t working like it’s supposed to. There should be a dot every hour, per their advertising picture. At most I’ve had 3 dots, and often I don’t any dots, even when the purifiers display shows an AQI of 10.

For whatever reason Wyze just can’t program because their software always has issues and they certainly don’t test their products prior to release or they would have caught this one for sure.