Indoor AQI not graphing

Well if they aren’t making it update each time the app is opened they need to, because it doesn’t even always update every hour. I’ve seen mine say it was updated 1 hour and 30 minutes ago before, so it’s not constant or reliable. So then what purpose does it serve? No purpose at all and might as well just remove that page from the app. I’m sorry but the app has been a complete failure and how Wyze represented what it was supposed to do was not true. I bought this Air Purifier based on their advertisement on what the app would show me, and it was misrepresented. I could have purchased another brand that has an app to turn it on/off and adjust the fan speed, but Wyze had more information about AQI, so I went with them. And it turned out to be a lie. Which again is what Wyze seems to do often now, false advertising. They still haven’t even fixed the false advertised picture of their Floodlight!

I just went and blew a bunch of air freshener right behind the air purifier and my AQI changed on the app. So I don’t know when it updates, but it did update within seconds of my forcing the device to sense a significantly higher AQI and turn up the settings. So I can verify that it will update, but it may only be when the Air purifier senses a high enough AQI to change states/levels or something like that. I don’t know how it’s programmed exactly, but after my test, I can only say that it definitely does update.

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I posted another thread about what just happened to my purifier today. Out of the blue I kept hearing the fan getting loud, then quieting down, then going loud again. When I looked at it the circle it was red and the AQI was well over 100. It’s never been like that in my house, rarely goes past 10. But I noticed that the AQI number and circle on the app were reading in real time, I never noticed it doing that before. And while I look at it right now the app shows an AQI of 4 and the purifier shows 2. So maybe it does only shows real time when the numbers are higher as you said. Also, I had assumed that the statement below the circle that says the air quality data updated hour min ago was for the indoor AQI but that must be for the outdoor AQI, for my city. Wyze really needs to put out instructions that explain all of it in more detail. I’d like to know at what point does the app AQI number and color change, I’m thinking probably anything over 50? But I wished it updated in real time for any AQI, because old information is pointless, especially when it doesn’t even get dots on the graph.

So now it’s been 7 months since I first ordered the Air Purifier and the software still isn’t fixed to do what Wyze advertised this product to do. Wyze, please stop engaging in false advertising about your products. Stop selling products that don’t do what you claim they will do!

My Wyze App is on firmware 2.37.2 and my Wyze Air Purifier is still not showing hourly dots on the graph. The Purifier in on firmware version 1.0.10. Thought this was going to be fixed by now but here it is the middle of December, 2022 and still nothing.

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They’ve been giving us updates on this weekly in the Fix-It-Friday Thread in the official Wyze News category.

Basically, you need to update your app to the new 2.38 app update that came out yesterday, and then you have to install firmware or higher on the Air Purifier and then it is fixed. I have both of those and it is working great! :+1:

The firmware is still in Beta testing and I expect it will be released soon, but the new app is already available, so whenever you next update it, the app will be ready, and then when you see the firmware update for or higher pushed to production (which I expect to happen any time now since it’s been working awesome for me on all of mine), the AQI will be registering with the correct AQI every hour. Here are examples from 3 of my Air Purifiers that have been working perfectly with this for about 2 weeks now:


And how much longer before the Air Purifier firmware is released? This has take way too long already, considering they advertised the product to be able to do this and it didn’t. And you can say they didn’t advertise it that way all you want but they certainly implied that it did and was the only reason I bought this air purifier from them.

Guess we’re not getting the fix before Christmas or even before next year. Very disappointing.

Within “the upcoming weeks” they said today:

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So next year then, because “weeks” could mean a couple or 51 weeks. Don’t understand why they don’t just release it now, as they’ve never had a problem releasing buggy software early in the past.

In general they like to avoid releasing major things that aren’t critical around times when they want to allow their employees to spend time with family, such as the holidays here. If they released it and there did happen to be any problems, then people would either have to cancel their time off, and support would be swamped with little staffing, and users might be stuck for a while without a functioning device. Thus, it is smart not to do a release like this until after everyone is back to work as normal, then if there is an anomaly, there are people on hand to start handling or provide a hotfix for anything critical.

Most companies do the same thing this time of year, so it’s not too surprising.

Having said that, the beta firmware has been working really great for me so far, so I suspect it will be fine when they push it out to everyone. I’m sure they’re just following standard industry caution and protocol while being respectful to their employees who deserve some time with family for the end of the year, and probably even took some PTO.

(The above are simply my opinions based on my experience owning businesses and trying to be courteous to employees, etc…I am not speaking on behalf of Wyze officially)


And as I’ve already said, Wyze has never had an issue before releasing buggy software and not addressing it right away. So why would it be any different now?

Got my air purifier a week ago. No aqi history. On 1.0.10 for purifier and 2.38.0(153) no updates available for either. Try rebooting etc . Still nothing.

You have the right app update. We’re just waiting on the new Air Purifier firmware to be released to the public in the coming weeks.

If you want it now without waiting, you can enroll in the beta program, Mark your Air Purifier to receive beta firmware and then you’ll start getting it right away.

If you don’t want to be in beta, it will still be released to the public soon. Just keep an eye out for it for a few weeks, maybe sooner.

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I am in beta. They must not be offering anything above 1.0.10 to even general beta group.

Check that your Air Purifier is selected in app’s list of beta devices: Wyze app Home > Account > About > Beta Program > Edit > Wyze Air Purifier (checked) > Save

Then do a firmware update via: Wyze app Home > your Air Purifier > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Device Info > Firmware Version

Current beta firmware version is


I am in the beta program. beta app 2.38.2 (1) installed via TestFlight. purifier on firmware

I have never seen data populate the hourly indoor AQI graph ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Try unplugging your Air Purifier then plug it back in to restart it and see if that helps.
If you still don’t get hourly dots, will you submit a log for air purifier and post it in the beta thread so we can get that passed on to the devs? This is the first time I’ve heard of the new firmware and that app version not working for someone. Please post in here with the log if this is still happening after the air purifier has been restarted at least a multiple hours previously:

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roger that - just completed the power cycle. will report back this evening.

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3-hour mark: no data (graph still empty)

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