I'm new and just got my vacuum today, I need help. What does 2.4GHz wifi connection mean?

I have wifi in my house but I don’t think it is connected to the app I just downloaded. What am I doing wrong?

Which internet provider or model do you have
Most modems will have a 2.4 and 5ghz frequency so you should need ti mess with it it should connect automatically.
Hope this helps

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thank you. I have cox internet and I’ll go home after work to see if I have both. I know I have the 5 but didn’t know they had 2.4 on them as well.

Once I figure that out did it take a long time to pop up and get connected? I’m so excited I want to use it tonight but not sure I can.

Perfect. Tell me the modem brand and name when you are in front of it I can do some research. Thank you.

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Hi @jtar1 and welcome to the community forum!
Couple pointers: Assemble & Charge Vacuum.
Shut off your phone’s mobile data connection.
The 5Ghz WiFi may have the same SSID (name) as the 2.4Ghz WiFi. In either case it is easier if the 5Ghz is shut down or disabled until the Vacuum is setup.

When you get to the part where you connect your phone to WVCR_XXX (Vacuum’s WiFi) it will disconnect from your home WiFi and switch automatically.
You may see a waning that Internet is not available and if you want to keep the WVCR connection, you want to keep it.

Once you do get it setup, check update of firmware ASAP (before Jan 20th)


I got it working last night. Thank you so much for checking. That helped knowing how to find the other number besides the 5G. Thank you so much

Hi Dr Know
Yes, you so called it… once the wvcr did pop up I did get that warning that internet is not available. I did keep it.

It arrived in the AM. I went home at lunch to charge it. When I got off work I used it and it worked. So here is my confusion and maybe you can help. When it was downloading I could have sworn I saw update in a color on my phone like a button and I clicked it. I think it was the update. My question is, how do I know? It ran well last night. I stopped it before it finished because it was going in a room I didn’t want it to and I didn’t set up any rules. Is there a way to see if the update has been implemented and taken?

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Hi @jtar1 and thanks for the good news. You can check the status of all your Wyze Firmware by clicking the “Account” button on the bottom right of the App. Scroll down a bit and touch the “Firmware Update”
Each product will show either “Up to Date” for an “Update” button (I think its greeen).
Wyze is coming out with another firmware update that will fix some problems.

Glad you are happy and could be of help. Thank you. :+1:

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thank you. It says everything looks good, Your’re updated 1.6.75

so I think I’m all set. Appreciate your help.

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Hi again @jtar1 In case you missed it, there is another F/W update released 01/18/2021:

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Thank you so much for the message. I have been out of town and as soon as I returned yesterday I did the update and it was successful. I’ve used my vacuum twice and I love it. I did have one problem with the app freezing up but that didn’t last long. I appreciate you reaching out again. Have a wonderful day.

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