I'm back and so are the Birds, Grackle at feeding station

I was away for 2 1/2 months. Got home a few days ago.

Just this morning I had Spectrum come and figure out why my speeds were so slow. Turns out it’s the wifi box I had gotten last year. Although it said on the box it would do fast speeds, it didn’t. I’m using the Spectrum one currently and I’m now getting better speeds on my cams as well. It only took a few seconds to upload this video too.


Welcome home. How’s my client? Did you miss him as much as I did?

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You got smart and left the State of Insane, (CA) before it fried your brain. No more new gas hot water heaters after 2025, no more new gas furnaces after 2027. Gas stoves are safe for now but many places will not even run gas lines to new homes. :astonished:
Did the :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:'s give you a welcome home party? :grin:

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Your client(s) are just fine. I did not miss them one bit, although now that the owner of the home next door is back, he gave the tenants until May to vacate. So hopefully they’ll take your client(s) with them.

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I pretty much stayed inside most of the time, with my mother. I did end up crocheting and knitting family members hats and other items up until it was time to go. Glad to be back here, but I will go back and help with my mother if need be.
The girls didn’t welcome me home, but after I went into the run a 2nd time, the favorites were clamoring to get on my lap for attention. It was 85o today.
I had to redo all the cams because of the new modem and wifi box, but none of them are too high to reach. While sitting with the hens I was watching myself on one of the cams and could tell right away that I was getting better service because I was hardly getting any lag time when I moved on the screen.

Her water heater and stoves run on electricity. Just her central heating system runs off the gas. Not sure about the central a/c though.

My new gas range is ready for your :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :rofl: :rofl:

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How about their :egg: :egg: :egg: instead?


When I saw the grackle puff up, I was reminded of the exploding bluebird in Shrek. :rofl:


Shrek wedding GIF on GIFER - by Umrim


Haha. I don’t remember that.

Don’t make me come over there and slap you.

Among my peeves, including your/you’re and apostrophe abuse, this makes the hair on my neck stand up and almost turn into a Trump haircut, is ‘hot water heater’. Why would you need to heat water that is already hot? It is a ‘water heater’

I see @Antonius wishing I was back in hospital. :grinning:

And let’s not forget there/their/they’re!


Sheesh, I got the msg in the email and thought you were talking to me, then replied before I realized you weren’t haha.

Another is “I seen”

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How about “Me and my daughter went…” Now I’m hearing YouTubers saying, “Her and I’s…”

Here in the south a lot of people say, “I had went”.

I don’t wish a hospital stay on you Tom but maybe a large family of :skunk: :skunk: :skunk: :skunk: :skunk: ':skunk: moving into your house. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry. No, I wasn’t calling anyone here out. I was just airing a general gripe to add to Tom’s comment.

I do understand that different regions of the country have different ways of saying things. Heaven knows Wisconsin has its share. (Bubbler, stop-and-go lights and Tyme machine, just to name a few.) :rofl:

This is so off topic but … blinkers instead of turn signals.

“I could of gone”

It’s ok. I guess blinker is more of a nickname.