Hens Waking up, Later Scared into the big Coop

I checked my other cams and saw what seemed to be a bird being captured by a hawk a short distance from the chicken run.


I think you should buy those girls some bunk beds so they don’t have to sleep perched on a stick. :grin:


And they say you aren’t empathetic. :laughing:

The :chicken: :chicken: scurrying back into the coop is kinda funny sped up to 2x. :slight_smile:

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I tried that already but they kept popping in them.

Yeah haha. I’m just glad they’re fenced in and there’s bird netting over the entire run. I’ll be making some changes after I get back.

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Now I see why they call someone ‘chicken’ when they are afraid to fight.

Haha, yup.