IR lights Seem to Shine Bright from 4 cams at night

It’s interesting how you can see the lights like that when in person it’s all dark out there.
I have a cam in each coop and 2 cams in the chicken run where each covers what the other doesn’t.
There is the tiniest led night light (very dim) in the big coop. And none in the small coop, yet it looks like they both have lights on. And it also looks like they light up the yard.
The first time I saw that I had to go and check it out and saw that all was dark haha.


You need to borrow some :black_cat: or :raccoon: :eyes: so it doesn’t look dark in person.


Ha yeah. Plenty of cats next door. Constantly shooting them away, as the stalk the birds and lizards.
I have one of those little head lamps with an elastic band that works when I go out there at night. But at the time I first notice this I wanted to make it was dark.

The refectors on my bikes glow with with IR. This was at 0209.

Excuse the mess. It was organized a month ago and now the adjoining room is getting ripped up so everything is in the garage.

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Likely excuse :rofl: My garage has two cars in it and I don’t feel like moving them both at the same time to clean it all so I clean the West side on even months and the East side on odd months (sometimes) :upside_down_face:

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Cool. Haha. Don’t worry about it. I still have to finish organizing my back porch. And I have patches of areas in the yard that need to be cleaned up. I’m getting there though. It’s just myself here and am always working one one idea after another.