Birdhouse camera


That’s really slick. Keep up the good work.

Very nice looking.

Just wanted to let you know that for the next one, you don’t need to cut the hole in the bottom of the ring. That lower black 1/4 inch circle is not functional on the Wyze Cam. (Sorry I couldn’t deliver that info in time for this one.)

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Thanks for that. How about the LED for night vision?

The LEDs are within the large black ring in a square around the lens.



Thanks again.

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I like it!

If the night vision looks foggy, just paint the inside of the circle black.

Nice job!

Do you know what the small hole is used for?

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As far as I know, nothing. It was there left over from legacy hardware design.

Confirmed by this teardown video (start at the 13:00 mark):

My birdhouse camera was not as elegant and nice looking but does the job of hiding/protecting the camera. I used a very old, and ratty looking, abandon bird house and the inspiration of other posts (great idea). Very hard for anyone to spot when you walk into the yard. At night I use an IR illuminator from Amazon so you can’t see where the camera is by looking for the IR red lights at night.

Close up view…not very pretty. Results of years of birds pecking a the opening.

View from a distance mounted on the 4x4 pole on the right.

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Very nice! I’m also interested in your rain water recovery system, any schematics?

My first birdhouse cam, to disguise a camera that sits on top of our refrigerator.


I love your birdhouse design! Did you just create it or buy it somewhere?

I found it on Amazon. Had to cot open the back to glue in a platform for the camera.

Glitzhome Tall Two-Tier Hand…


Thanks so much for the reply! I figured it was too late to ask, but I’d try. Thanks again!