Are there any plans for an outdoor camera? Also, anyone have interesting tips for hiding the camera?

There is one in the works, you can find the thread here

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Excellent. Seems like the solar/battery tech. has already been fully developed. Maybe pair with an existing source? I have already “weatherized” a unit. Voiding my guarantee I am sure. 6 mo. test - perfect - simply clean the lense now and then.

Welcome to the community! There are several threads on how to disguise the cams outside and indoors. Here are a couple threads to get you started. You can search the forums using the magnifying glass at the top for other posts as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t necessarily want my security cams hidden. I want the crook to know my property is gathering video evidence NOW, even before they get close.
(our house is 100 yards from the road).
We also have signs posted, “security cameras are recording you”

The way I do it is to have a few visible cameras so they know they are being watched, but in case they take those I have a few hidden ones and out of reach ones as backups

For our cams up along the road, I doubt crooks are gonna shimmy 10 foot up the pine trees for 'em : )

Probably not, some of my visible ones are about the 4 foot level staring you right in the face lol. No one has taken them yet lol