Hiding your cameras?

Hello all,

I need to find a way to Hide Wyze CAM V2 so it is totally invisible but i am not creative enough to figure out a way to do this. I search online in ebay and amazon and only 1 or 2 options came up but none that seem to be good enough. I did check SPY CAM online but all are silly goofy options that does not work as good as Wyze Cam and give me that warm fuzzy feelings. so the question is 1- How do you hide Wyze Cam V2?

Please advise

Here are some topics that may help:


Several Etsy sellers have these

Then there is this


More suggestions



The issue i have is if someone stand in front of it would they see the cam? i need it to be completely invisible so no sign of cam. i been searching online for few days on and off.

I don’t think you’ll find anything to make it completely invisible since the lens and IR lights need to be exposed to work. If you don’t need night vision using IR you might be able to create something with a two-way mirror or something similar that the camera can see through but someone from the front can’t see the camera.


To truly be that invisible would be very tough. If you don’t need the IR, then you could get it down to about a half inch hold (maybe a little less) for the lens. Other than that, WildBill’s suggestion about a 2 way mirror is about it.


Hello Where do i find two-way mirror in small size and IR and Night Vision is disabled on my cameras so i don’t need it

I could buy one of these cases and add 2 way mirror

Just not sure how to get 2 way mirror in small size i am not a creative side and i dont have the skills to build or make something so for people like pre made stuff works lol

I don’t really know - never had a need to know such. Go find a glass shop and talk to them. They likely have some ideas.

You may already know this but others who read this thread might not:
It is illegal to record people in places where they have an expectation of privacy. Many places also make it illegal to record people without their knowledge. This includes within your own home if the people are unaware.

In some places they also require signage if you are recording a public space but YMMV.

Just something to be aware of before you go down this path or share any recordings.

If I recall correctly, one-way silver film material can be purchased online but any material like that will result in some light loss so you’ll need to be aware of that.


Paint the case black, put the camera in an empty beer or soft drink can, with its top opened, run the cable out the other end.

I live in California, our mail get stolen every other week. I get good pictures, but the cops are not interested. Good thing that the Supreme Court just ruled against California’s anti gun law.

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lol. As you probably already know, you can’t use lethal force to protect property in the State of California. Well, you can but you’ll be paying for the harm you cause.

However, I don’t see any problem with hosing them down. Do you think you could get ahold of some of that stink-spray they use? Maybe paintball their car?

In all seriousness, have you tried contacting the US Postal Inspectors? Even having your local Postmaster hold your mail at the post office for a week or two. Also, signing up for Informed Delivery is really helpful for keeping track of inbound mail.

As @RoboNaught suggested, mail theft is a federal crime under the auspices of the U.S.Postal Inspectors. I’d try contacting them to file a complaint with your pictures. May not help but worth a try.

Depends on where and why you need to hide it. I haven’t hidden mine. I like everything in plain sight. I even have 2 dead v2 in 2 windows in plain sight. Only I (and everyone who is reading this) know they’re dead (repurpose instead of trashing). For me in plain sight is a deterrent or a prevention tool. If you can see it, it can see you, you less likely to do something.

Are you hiding it inside or outside? What room? You might get away with a fake potted plant or a picture frame. Think of the room’s decor. Think out of the box.

Outside is good, always plenty of things to hide within or around. Wood pile (or fake wood pile), fake potted plant, dog house, under the grill, unused garbage can, kid’s playset or play house, bird’s nest, or hot glue fake stems/stick to it and hide among a real bird’s nest, in a tree (consider leaf growth), under a deck/patio.

Go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and see what you can find for cheap (yeah I know it’s Michael’s) to camouflage it.

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File a report with Postal Inspectors. They are the detective division of the postal police. Not kidding. They are interested.

This is not your specific problem, but I have had mail issues as well.
In my experience, the USPS did not care.
I went in to USPS to complain about receiving opened mail. Packages/envelopes that were ripped and emptied before I received them. The non-union supervisor told me that postal employee are adept at identifying items with jewelry, cash, and items that are are insured for a high value. He said they take the envelopes, hold them under the conveyor belts, rip out what feels like a necklace/ring/cash/etc. and return it to the belt. He told me there is nothing the supervisors can to about it and suggested I triple envelope/box items and not get insurance on anything or use UPS.

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It’s good information but damn not something I really wanted to know.

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But here’s the thing. You can’t get away with that crime forever unless people don’t complain. If people complain to USPS Inspectors General about mail theft it’s easy enough for them to start to spot a trend. If you want to have a shot of catching them, you gotta complain.

So to recap: (a) I believe mail theft absolutely happens and that a postal employee who only ‘dabbles’ in theft is probably going to get away with it but (b) most can’t dabble, they get greedy and (c) that let’s investigators spot trends (if people report the theft) and have a chance of catching the thieves.

I’m not saying your local office will help you, they may be completely corrupt but you file a report directly with the Postal Inspectors, every time, and if enough people complain, it’s easy for them to fill their arrest quotas.

Happy mailing.

Several years ago, a guy was stealing mail from my neighbor. The neighbor gave chase and was shooting at him as he passed our home. The bad guy did not turn fast enough on a curve and end up upside down, smashed under the car with hundreds of pieces of mail on the ground. One less bad guy. He didn’t even have a green card the police said. The cops were unable to pin it on my neighbor since none of the neighbors “saw nothing, knew nothing”. We get our mail robbed every three weeks. With thousand of people a day, coming across the California boarder. They have to rob so they can get by. We vote for it. It is nice that we now can take pictures of them stealing, it would be helpful if the cameras could automatic zoom in on their plates so we could visit them where they live. Ps. My neighbor says that he will help.