IFTTT for multiple person household

I use IFTTT to automatically turn on my indoor camera (connected to a smart plug) when my phone disconnects from my home wifi network. This works perfectly. I leave the house the camera turns on.

However, I want to be able to the same with my wife’s phone so that if I leave, but she is home (or vice versa) the camera does not turn on. Neither of us wants the camera on while we are home, except when we are sleeping (Alexa turns the camera on at night when we say “go to sleep” and turns it off when we say “good morning”).

So, is there a way to add an additional “if this” to an IFTTT recipe? Something like “IF my phone AND wife phone disconnect from wifi, THEN turn on smart plug” ?


There is not the ability to add multiple IF conditions in IFTTT. However, you can accomplish this with a 3rd party tool such as Life360. Here’s a good article explaining how:

Thanks Rick! Great info. But think I will pass on Life360, a bit too creepy to have tabs on each other 24-7. LOL.

I suppose a simple way to use IFTTT without Life360 is to just put the same IFTTT applet on both our phones, so anytime either one of use goes out the camera turns on. Then the person who remains at home just has to remember to ask Alexa to turn off the camera, if we don’t want to be filmed.

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You might want to hop over to this topic:

and vote for it (top of the page). Stringify integration, if implemented, might solve your issue.

Check your router many newer connected ones will do this as well (via connections to their network). I could do so with my Securifi Almond routers and ifttt/stringify to connect more than one if I wanted to. It isn’t perfect but in my opinion better than GPS base geo-fences.