I will NEVER purchase another one of their products

I have used Wyze for two years. The first year was just the Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle and while that did the job, I have been less than impressed with everything Wyze. After getting the Cam Pan V2 camera, it completely stopped working in less than a year of having it. Upon reaching out to customer service, I discover exactly how terribly executed their app is and how poor their customer service is. The chat window wouldn’t let me see my keyboard while I was typing and wouldn’t let me attach any attachments. My customer service agent asked for a screenshot of the error and a screenshot of proof of purchase, neither of which I could provide due to Wyze’s app. I went to use the chat on my laptop, only to find that the desktop version of the app would not even let you use the chat function. To make matters worse, after all of this, this customer service rep said there was nothing they could do for me. I canceled all my subscriptions from Wyze and have removed all products from my home. I would never recommend this company or any of their products to anyone. A company should stand behind their products and have a functional customer service feature.

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I know you have already made your decision, and I respect that.

I am not employed by, nor speak for, nor represent Wyze in anyway, but for my personal suggestions to anyone else reading this thread, I would recommend using the chat feature from a web browser instead of the app. It works much better that way. It is kind of new to the app, but I’ve never had a problem in the browser. There are also options to call or use email instead. I prefer email so I can do things on my own schedule in cracks of time.

If you have a product that randomly stops working in less than a year of time, Wyze does stand behind that. Every product has at least a 1 year limited warranty (obviously there are things like theft, you smashing it and other things that aren’t their fault that won’t qualify). Support representatives will almost definitely be required to try to go the basic standard troubleshooting with you first before they can even consider a warranty claim, so just get through it all and then they can go on to whatever the next steps needed may be.

In a case like this, even if you are a user who wants to leave Wyze, I would recommend trying a different form of support if the app chat isn’t working for (ie: browser, phone or email instead) to at least get your warranty replacement and then sell your stuff on ebay or a marketplace. Most of the time Wyze products hold their value REALLY well when sold used with very little depreciation because they are already sold relatively close to cost. So you can often get back the majority of the cost to put toward wherever you are planning to go to instead.

Either way, for anyone that has a bad experience, sorry to hear you were frustrated with something not working out in the way you wanted. Hopefully you find a great alternative. I am very supportive of intense competition in the marketplace, so it is great that there are many options out there, just be careful of confirmation bias and such. Everywhere has various issues and balances. Best of luck finding what fits for your needs at the moment.