Losing confidence in WYZE as a company

Between the continual security breaches and web app leaks I’m losing my confidence in a once promising company. The most recent disappointment was with support providing a cookie cutter response to a support request about a replacement failed camera. I have many outdoor cams and a singular indoor cam, which is a cam pan v2. The original pan v2 was replaced due to it going offline then never responded again with a red light indicator as the only sign of life. It was replaced within the warranty period. Fast forward to this week, which is less than a year since the original was replaced and this one is doing the same thing, mind you the replacement was a refurbished product because per support that’s all warranty is willing to cover. Last night I was notified that I’m on my own and will need to purchase a new camera because the original purchased device is out of warranty. I take care of all my technology, have a clean household, and surge protect electronics. Also this thing is mounted on the wall and never touched other than to reboot it when it fails. I was told by support that due to wear and tear and other elemental factors that’s why they stand by the policy. So the cameras are only expected to last about a year under normal wear and tear conditions? I’m pretty fed up with WYZE in general and plan on most likely selling or recycling my ecosystem as I buy replacements.